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Kyle and her husband moved to Brookfield in 1986. She became active in local politics and started blogging in 2004. Her focus is primarily on local issues but often includes state and national topics, too. Kyle looks at things from the taxpayers' perspective in a creative, yet down to earth way, addressing them from a practical point of view.

Happy President's Day! We've come a long way--mostly

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Today is President's Day. Tomorrow is the Presidential spring primary. It's been an unusual campaign, to say the least.

When you consider the three major candidates in the running for president, think about how far we have come as a nation.  Back in 1789 when George Washington was inaugurated, African Americans and women did not have the right to vote much less run for public office. Not all white males had voting rights either; property ownership was required.

Think about how the major candidates don't fit the typical presidential candidate mold, yet each is winning primaries.

Very Liberal African American male: OK

Liberal middle-aged white woman: OK

Middle-of-the-road older white man: OK 

But what happened to the Conservative, young, white man who spoke Reaganese? He was REJECTED. Why? Because of his religion.

Many conservatives and Evangelicals like me were at first cautious about Romney, but as time went on, I realized Mitt stood for what I stood for: Freedom of religion. His Faith in America speech was outstanding in my estimation. It beautifully summed up the sentiments and intent of our Founding Fathers regarding the role of Faith in our nation.

Recall the early days of the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia, during the fall of 1774. With Boston occupied by British troops, there were rumors of imminent hostilities and fears of an impending war. In this time of peril, someone suggested that they pray. But there were objections. They were too divided in religious sentiments, what with Episcopalians and Quakers, Anabaptists and Congregationalists, Presbyterians and Catholics.

Then Sam Adams rose, and said he would hear a prayer from anyone of piety and good character, as long as they were a patriot. And so together they prayed, and together they fought, and together, by the grace of God, they founded this great nation.

In that spirit, let us give thanks to the divine author of liberty. And together, let us pray that this land may always be blessed with freedom's holy light.

God bless this great land, the United States of America.

Reagan conservatives were heartbroken when Romney delivered his concession speech. I found it rather curious, that this election seemingly indicates we have overcome racial, gender, and age bias. But when it came to religious discrimination, that was one hurdle we still could not jump as a nation.  

I do remember the controversy over Kennedy's Catholicism and where his allegiances would lie. Yet he managed to overcome those fears. When John Kerry ran in 2004, his Catholicism (allegiance) was not an issue. Perhaps in the future religious prejudice will no longer be an issue for Mitt Romney either?

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