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Kyle and her husband moved to Brookfield in 1986. She became active in local politics and started blogging in 2004. Her focus is primarily on local issues but often includes state and national topics, too. Kyle looks at things from the taxpayers' perspective in a creative, yet down to earth way, addressing them from a practical point of view.

Hillary, we agree, Steve Schwei, we do too!

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I have often said that if you wait long enough, there will be something that two opposing camps can agree on. Hillary Clinton and I do not see eye to eye on much, but when she gave her "Celestial Choir" speech the other day, we finally found our common ground!

Clinton raps Obama's 'celestial choir' campaign:

Hillary Clinton (or should I say Hillary Rodham Clinton?) today mocked Barack Obama's campaign style as one that portrays a divine-like picture of problem-solving to voters when the challenges America face are much more complex...

"None of the problems we face will be easily solved," she said before delivering a fanciful description of an Obama speech.

"Now I could stand up here and say, 'Let's just get everybody together. Let's get unified. The sky will open. The lights will come down. Celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect.' 

"Maybe I've just lived a little long, but I have no illusions about how hard this is going to be. You are not going to wave a magic wand and have the special interest disappear," she said.

So I find myself agreeing with Sen. Clinton, "Maybe I've just lived a little long (well, not quite as long as Hillary), but I have no illusions about how hard this is going to be" either. I don't think we can afford her programs any more than we can afford his, however.

I also found myself agreeing with Mr. Schwei's assessment of the emphasis on athletics over academics in a Jan. 16th article:

Board member Steve Schwei questioned the construction of new gymnasiums and renovation of classrooms. The new space should be allocated to academics, not athletic areas, he said.

Ready or not, the $62.2 million dollar high school referendum is coming in just 1 month on April 1st. Spread the word.

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