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What's in a name? McCain apologizes for Hussein

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Do we really have to bend over backwards for everything? By now you have heard about the flap over the use of Barack Obama's middle name, Hussein, at a campaign rally. Seems we are not supposed to mention this because it might be interpreted as criticizing Sen. Obama. (This would be so much easier if Condoleeza Rice was our candidate. Then we could say something about Hillary and Barack!)

The VOA reported :

Conservative radio  talk show host Bill Cunningham repeatedly used Barack Obama's middle name as he criticized the news media for being soft on Obama compared to its treatment of President Bush and the Republicans.

"The media, at some point, is going to peel the bark off of Barack Hussein Obama," said Cunningham. "The media will quit taking sides in this thing and maybe start covering Barack Hussein Obama the same way they covered Bush." (By the way, Sen. Clinton is voicing much the same complaint about the media's Obama coverage.)

Obama's middle name comes from his father, who was from Kenya. The Obama campaign frequently points out that he was raised as a Christian to refute persistent rumors that he has a Muslim background.

McCain arrived at the rally after the comments were made and later apologized for the remarks made by Cunningham. 

"I have repeatedly stated my respect for Senator Obama and Senator Clinton, and that I will treat them with respect," he said. "I regret any comments that may be made about these two individuals who are honorable Americans." 

I don't happen to think the use of a middle name is controversial. It is his name, after all, and it is a rather ironic--a key component to humor. John Stewart must have thought so too or he would not have included Barack Hussein Obama's name in his Oscar jokes.

"You have to give Barack Obama credit, he's overcome a great deal. Not just he's an African-American. Barack Hussein Obama is his name. His middle name is the last name of Iraq's former tyrant. His last name rhymes with Osama. That's not easy to overcome..." 

John picked on the Republicans too,

"Oscar is 80 this year, which makes him now automatically the front runner for the Republican nomination." 

You can catch John Stewart's comedy bits here. (Watch from about 7:30 to 8:05.) 

When names are really bothersome or a burden, people often legally change them. I certainly can understand being sensitive about an unusual name. In fact, if I had a nickel for every time someone said to me, Oh, I thought you were going to be a man, I could afford Elmbrook's April 1st $62.2 million dollar high school referendum! .

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