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State Senate won't let public be heard on Voter ID, so call 'em

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Things are really heating up over the controversial Voter ID Constitutional Amendment. The controversy being that around 80% of Wisconsinites--regardless of political affiliation--want a Voter ID requirement, but the Democrat controlled State Senate won't bring the measure up for a vote before the current session ends next week.

So they just get to it next year?  I don't think so. Voter ID is a Constitutional Amendment. It is my understanding that for a Constitutional amendment question to be brought to the voters on a ballot, it first needs to pass both houses for two years in a row.

Voter ID has passed the Assembly two times and the Senate once. This next week is Voter ID's only chance to pass the senate for the second time. If it is not brought up for a vote, then the question of should the state constitution be amended to require Wisconsin voters to show a Voter photo ID to vote cannot be put on the ballot for Wisconsin voters to decide.

Yesterday Assembly Republican, Rep. Jeff Stone and 6 Senate Republicans held a news conference criticizing the Senate Democrats for not bringing Voter ID for a vote. You can read the account on the Wisconsin State Journal.

The squabble escalated until Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker, D-Weston, stepped toward the lone Assembly Republican, Rep. Jeff Stone, of Greendale, and angrily told him to leave.

"Go back to the Assembly and take care of your business there," Decker told Stone.

As Decker quickly turned to leave, Stone replied, "I did. I'm waiting for you to take care of the people's business here." 

I called my State Senator Jim Sullivan's office this morning. The aid (Steve) said they had received a lot of calls on this.  He was rather vague about the issue though. I tried to pin him down as to Sen. Sullivan's position on Voter ID ( AJR17 ) , but he  focused his attention on telling me that the senator would let me know his views on it via letter.

I said I wanted to know Sullivan's position on Voter ID. Steve said, oh, Sen. Sullivan favors a Voter ID. I said then why has he not pushed to bring it to a vote? Again, some talk about how I would hear Sullivan's views in a letter.

I told Steve that Sullivan's 5th District constituents would be watching how Sen. Sullivan acts on this important issue.

According to a caller I heard on Vicki McKenna's radio show today, when he called Sen. Sullivan's office, the aid told him that the Senator favors Voter ID, but as a law, not a Constitutional Amendment!

That sounds like a dodge to me, but if it is true, why has not Sen. Sullivan introduced such legislation? 

More from the Wisconsin State Journal:

With Sen. Spencer Coggs, D-Milwaukee, observing the news conference, the Republicans cited a recent report on voting irregularities in Milwaukee in calling for the voter identification requirement.

Sen. Alberta Darling, R-River Falls, challenged Coggs to explain why he was "afraid to let the people decide" on the constitutional amendment.

Coggs replied that Democrats disagree with Republicans on the issue and that requiring photo identification at the polls wouldn't stop voting irregularities.

Coggs and the Republicans continued to debate the merits of the proposed amendment, with Stone saying, "Let's let everyone in Wisconsin have a voice on something that's a basic principle."

I know I am sounding like a broken record here, but call Senator Sullivan and  Senator Decker. Tell them, Let the people decide, bring AJR17 to a VOTE!

Senator Russel Decker, Senate Majority Leader  608-266-2502

State Senator Jim Sullivan, Democrat, 5th District  608-266-2512,  866-817-6061

State Senator Theodore Kanavas, Republican, 33rd District  608-266-9174, 800-863-8883
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