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"Gluttonous greedy misers" don't usually propose spending more

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Recently, a reader of my other blog, Brookfield7, sent me this comment anonymously regarding my "cynical view on today's children" and my "gluttonous greedy miser who can't spare money on the children who need it" attitude. I would encourage you to read it and see if you agree. 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Corridor Report: How wide will they be? We Don't Know!":

"guess wut...
schools get old and run down... its not like since that peak year... things have gotten better. You simply attack one thing but yes, the school is crowded and most of the students, although irritated at the bottleneck that occurs at every staircase but can live with it... You need to consider everything else that is of poor quality in the school. recently due to the freeze and melting of the ice, the orchestra/choir room has sustained considerable damage due to leaking in the roof. There are priceless instruments in that room, all suspecting of water damage. With a cynical view on todays children as you seem to have, why not cut the music program. why not cut out all extracurriculars while your at it. The fact of the matter is... all things come to an end, and BC is reaching its end. Nearly every school in southeastern wisco is better than BC/BE and yet, you still argue that its fine??? If you don't care for our nations future, then fine, be a gluttonous greedy miser who can't spare money on the children who need it."

Well, someone is not happy, but they are not very well informed.

First, the orchestra/choir room. I saw that room while on the Brookfield Central tour both last year and this year, and yes, the roof leaks. There was a woman in the room, I think she was the music teacher? She stated the roof leaks every year. She had a line of large, gray, plastic garbage cans under the ceiling beam where the leaks occur. The double basses were stored in a rolling rack near that area.

Now I know roof maintenance is a very expensive piece of the yearly operations budget. Most commercial facilities operate on a 20 year repair/replacement schedule cycle for their flat roofs.

Schools usually do a section every summer. In a 20 year time span, the whole roof then will be replaced. 

Principal LaBonte explained that there is an expansion joint above the structural beam. When there are freeze/thaw cycles, that joint leaks.

I think I asked about the 20 year roof replacement cycle, or he just volunteered the information, that with or without the referendum, that roof will be replaced this coming summer.

I hope they use that newer rubber membrane technology--at the very least for that problem area of the expansion joint. It is supposed to work well. (We have it on 2 flat areas on our home. So far so good--it is 13 years old.)

Want to know what roof area was replaced last year? That would be the gym roof. I don't know if it had a history of leaks. If the orchestra room was such a dire need, either the roof replacement schedule could have been re-prioritized, or the contingency fund used to make necessary repairs.

As for the Gluttonous greedy miser charge...

Often people forget that our community is still paying off the last referendum. 

they would have known that although I am frugal, I am not a greedy miser.

In this posting I proposed raising the Capital Improvement budget by $1,000,000/year. To me, this is the only way to keep our facilities in better condition and make improvements every year.

I am also on the record as stating I think we place too much emphasis on athletics and not enough on academics. I consider music to be an important part of a child's education. 

In fact, I think that idea would be a good slogan for this year's $98 million dollar referendum (referendum + bonding) that spends far too much on new athletic space--97% of new construction is for the gym:




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The countdown begins: Just 22 days until MILLIONS OF DOLLARS Tuesday!

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FYI: If you want to look up last year's referendum fact sheets, they are still available.


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