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Two different referendums, two different tour themes

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It's been a busy few days at the Prast household, but this afternoon I had a little time and started working on a new posting. That required digging out my notes from last year's mechanical tours.

On the first page from my 2007 East High School tour notes, I had written in red pen: Attitude of resignation: It's served its useful needs replacing. I wrote that in reference to the theme of the East and Central High School tours. That concept was mentioned numerous times during both tours.

If I had to give this year's tour a theme, it would be: We are keeping everything that is still useful. This theme was also repeated during this year's tour.

Last year, the cafeteria's were too small. This year the size of Central's cafeteria was not mentioned in that light. (I have not gone on the East tour yet.) Central's cafeteria size was noted however.

Toward the end of our Central tour, we were shown the little theater in the lower level. This approximately 150 seat theater with raised seating, lighting, and stage will be torn out and replaced with 2 classrooms if the referendum passes.

Principal LaBonte pointed out the shortcomings of the little theater in that the young ladies on the Pom-Pom squad could not practice here--the stage was too small. He noted that instead they needed to use the cafeteria for their practices--it being the only place large enough for their routines. There was no other place for them to hold their rehearsals. 

But on our way out, the principal took us through the axillary gym. This was the only gym when the school was first built, he explained. Surely this gym was large enough for the pompom girls to practice in I thought?

He then went on to tell the group how this axillary gym would become the Black Box Theater and a smaller classroom.

I'm thinking, once it became the SMALLER Black Box Theater, then the pompom girls could use it for practice?


As a larger, axillary gym in its present state, the girls had to resort to using the cafeteria for practice (which they happened to be in while we toured), but as a smaller Black Box Theater, it would be the perfect place for pompom practice?

Guess that makes sense to the district. It did not seem to be in keeping with the theme of reusing everything they could.

It also is not in keeping with my experience with the dance world. Usually dancers like to practice on the same type of flooring that they will be performing on. Since poms come out to do their routines in a gym, it would seem to me practicing in a gym would be the ideal. 

In fairness, maybe the aux. gym had someone in it at the start of our tour? It was not mentioned if they did. The pompom girls were in the cafeteria at 6pm when we started and still there when we came through at about 7:15pm. The aux. gym was empty by about 7:08, I would guess?

In any event, the message this time around is more of a reuse & recycle theme.

Now I must write that other posting! 


P.S. A reader sent me this bit of Elmbrook history: "Back in the mid-80's, the Brookfield East Spartanettes practiced in the back hallway (near the west entrance.)"


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