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Ever change churches?

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More and more information is coming out about Barack Obama's preacher(his own words, not mine)  and church.

I raised the question of just what kind of church was Trinity U.C.C. a few weeks ago in the comment section and took a bit of heat for it. Contrarian, for one, liked what she saw on Trinity's website, "Kyle, thanks for the invitation to look closely at one aspect of Barack Obama's background, his church.  I spent 30 minutes or so wandering around the website, and came away completely impressed."

But since then, more and more people are questioning what kind of "preaching" was really going on at Trinity.  More specifically, did Barack Obama agree with everything the Rev. Wright preached?

Today Mr. Obama gave a speech regarding his church and preacher and race in America.

Early in that speech, Barack answered the question about his preacher, Rev. Wright*, Did I hear him make statements I strongly disagreed with? Barack answered, Absolutely. Then he added something akin to, Just as I am sure that you have heard remarks that you disagree with at your church. The senator also acknowledged that his (Wright's) comments were wrong and divisive.

So what would posses someone to stay in a church like that for 20 years? 

I can't say. I don't know what Obama's reasons were to staying under the teaching of someone who's comments were wrong and divisive and made statements Barack strongly disagreed with.

If you have ever had to leave a church because of doctrinal differences, you know it is not an easy thing to do. I grew up in a very tiny Bible Church** that was all volunteer--lay preacher, staff, teachers, etc. We finally had to close our doors in 1995 because the workload became too much for the membership. Now we had the task of finding a new church home.

We looked at the statements of faith for a few in the area and tried one out. At first, everything seemed fine. But as time went on, we started noticing some things that made us feel uncomfortable. No statements that were wrong or divisive, it was just that they seemed more interested in entertaining than they did in proclaiming the gospel.

We decided to leave after about 3 years. It took us that long to put all the pieces together. No false doctrine, just not the focus we were looking for.

But to stay for 20 years? That is difficult to understand. 

Seems at least there is some willingness to look a little deeper into Obama's candidacy and beliefs. It will be interesting to see what the media does with this speech.

Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think. Benjamin Disraeli

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Fairly Conservative now has a link to the actual speech and text.

*Not exact quotes.counter hit xanga

**FYI: You have probably passed my former little church many times. It is now the offices of ECFA on 124th Street, just south of Greenfield.


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