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Q: Mommy, What's Global Warming?

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A: A commercial for Governor Doyle's Global Warming Task Force probably funded by OUR tax dollars.

Have you heard this ad? I caught it twice on the radio yesterday. It really sickened me.

The commercial features a little child asking her mom a question. (Read this in your best concerned innocent child voice.) Mommy, What's Global Warming?

The mother then answers, It's the way we're leaving the planet...But there are things we can do. She then starts with touting compact fluorescent light bulbs, reducing this and that, not building coal fired power plants, etc.

The commercial is really promoting the Public Hearings today on Doyle's Global Warming Task Force. The ad does not state where and when, at least not that I could catch from the commercial.

I googled the task force and found the cleanwisconsin web page. None of the recommendations look favorable to Wisconsin businesses. One included a "Carbon Tax: a tax on all significant sources of greenhouse gas emissions that are not large stationary sources covered by the cap and trade program."

The web page urged, "The Task Force needs to hear from the public; if you support Wisconsin doing its share to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the level needed to avoid disastrous effects of climate change it will require a great deal of public involvement."

Following a link from that page, I found the Task Force Meeting Date page. If you had any interest, our area's hearing is at MATC from 4-7pm

Another related web page from John Vrieze, member of Gov. Doyle's G.W. Task Force was full of doom and gloom predictions for Wisconsin's future. One prediction in particular was laughable when put into the context of our snowiest winter in years, "Popular winter pastimes in Wisconsin such as ice fishing and snowmobiling will be reduced or eliminated."

But this statement really concerned me: "To prevent the worst impacts of global warming, Wisconsin, the United States and the world must act.  There is broad scientific consensus that to avoid the worst impacts of the problem we must reduce global warming emissions in the United States at least 15-20% by 2020 and 80% by 2050." (Emphasis added)

Now I don't believe in Global Warming (or as they now call it, Climate Change as being caused by carbon emissions) any more than I believe in the Great Pumpkin. I am grateful that as more and more data comes out, some scientists finally are feeling free to speak out against the concept of Global Warming. In light of the true scientific data, all of this government interference and expense becomes all the more irritating.

Maybe the mother should have answered, Global Warming is why we now have an increase in mercury poisoning as a result of the CFL mandate, or Global Warming was a hoax fostered by people who could make a lot of money by promoting bio-fuels.

How would you answer the question? 


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