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Belling talking about Elmbrook and Wisconsin taxes now

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FYI, Mark Belling, is talking about our referendum and Wisconsin taxes right now on his radio show at 4:35pm. 

He mentioned the alderman who called our schools an embarrassment (Mahkorn) and the 12 aldermen who endorsed Elmbrook's referendum.

Mark said, if the residents vote for this, then they better not call his show complaining of their high property taxes.

A caller noted that the two aldermen who did not endorse the referendum were former city employees. Possibly they know something the other aldermen don't? Belling did not want the caller to speak for Balzer or Carnell. It was an interesting observation though. 

UPDATE: I almost forgot that Bill Carnell once was on the school board too! 

Belling notes and quotes: Wisconsin ranks 44th in favorable business tax climate, 50th for retirees.

"The one positive thing about referendums is that you at least get to vote NO."

"I know it is very hard to be the lone wolf." 

He praises the New Berlin school district in their approach. "I hope the (Elmbrook) referendum fails." New Berlin has built 2 new schools without raising taxes.

"At what point in Wisconsin are we going to say, enough is enough."

You may want to listen to the podcast (hour 2, part 1-housing values, raised taxes, fees, Brookfield council and 2) if you cannot listen live.
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The countdown continues: Just 13 days until MILLIONS OF DOLLARS Tuesday!

Email me your thoughts on the $62.2 million dollar referendum.


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Former 2007 Referendum Facilities Facts Sheets (Still a good read)


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