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Elmbrook too hard up to manage up keep? Think again


Elmbrook's surplus most in 10 years

Board members debate uses for $3.5 million

The Elmbrook School District ended the 2006-'07 school year with a $3.5 million surplus, the largest in a decade and the latest in a series of annual surpluses used to boost the district's reserves or fund capital projects.

But a review of district financial data shows that at the end of each year for the last decade - except for one year - the district has had surpluses ranging from $582,000 to $3.5 million. One year had a deficit, caused by health insurance costs


The $3.5 million surplus recorded June 30 boosted the district's reserves to $19,155,989. That increased the ratio of reserves to budget to nearly 25% compared with the minimum 15% ratio recommended by School Board policy.

Another nearly $1 million is proposed to be added to district reserves in the 2007-'08 budget, which would boost the reserves to $20,113,536 on June 30, 2008. Surpluses occur when expenses are lower than budgeted or revenue is higher than expected.

The $3.5 million surplus resulted from non-property tax revenue being $228,653 over budget and expenses being $3.3 million under budget.


When the 2005-'06 budget ended with a $2 million surplus, the School Board decided to spend about $1 million on districtwide maintenance and capital projects and leave the rest in reserves.

Borch recommended at Tuesday's committee meeting that the $3.5 million surplus be used to fund the Pilgrim Park heating project. Preliminary cost estimates were about $3.4 million, but that would include adding air conditioning.



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