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Questioning "sadly mistaken" about gyms to arts at East, pt 2

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This is part 2 of the 4th installment from my series on Questioning "sadly mistaken when it comes to the facts".

Part 1 earlier today dealt with the HSST / Vote Yes member's comment, "...Academics and the arts will be enhanced because current gym space is being repurposed.  It is more cost effective to build gym additions vs. classroom additions," at East High School.  

As I concluded in part 1, there was at least a $4 million dollar difference between building just the Black Box Theater complex and building both the gym and Black Box Theater complex.

Let's look at the plans for East. 

The dark brown area to the west is brand new construction--no building was ever there before. That big area is the proposed new 4 station gym and INDOOR TRACK, gym storage, event lobby and new locker rooms.

Square footage = 56,169 square feet (from actual Plunkett Raysich plan).

See the smaller, red outlined area to the right of new gym? That is East's present gym. The actual gymnasium measures about 110' x 115 feet = 12,650 square feet. Add onto that another 105 x 45 feet or so for drama related rooms and storage for another  4,725 square feet.  This makes a total of 17,375 square feet of gym converted to arts space: Black Box Theater and related storage, dressing rooms, and work room, plus Vocal, Ensemble, and Band rooms.

(Again, I think this is a waste of large space considering there is already a Little Theater in the school, plus this repurposing involves ripping out existing bathroom/shower rooms and rebuilding them in the new addition.)

What are the costs relating to this conversion? 17,375 square feet at $58.27/sq.ft. = $1,012,441.

What are the costs relating to the construction of a new 4 station gym and indoor track? That whole sports related area is about 1.4 acres in size: 56,169hsq. ft. at $167.19/sq ft = $9,390,895.

The total cost then for the repurposing conversion and building the new gyms = $10,403,336 in construction costs alone.

Total cost for just building a new theater/music addition? 17,375 sq. ft. at $167.19 = $2,904,926. 

As I stated in Part 1, the cost per new square foot from last year was less expensive because it was for adding single story classroom space. That cost would be about $155.00/sq ft, which would make the theater/music addition alone closer to $2,693,125.

Adding a 2 station gym (using Central's numbers) and the theater/arts complex would come to 44,352 square feet (about .4 acres smaller than what is proposed at East). Multiply this 44,352 sq.ft. at the new construction cost of $167.19 = $7,414,989 construction costs. This would be for adding 2 gym stations to East's total, giving East 4 gym stations and the theater/arts space.

If we reduce that gym addition to just one station in size for a bare minimum number, using the present Aux. Gym for a size comparison of 5,540 sq ft. + 17,375sq ft. theater/music complex = 22,915 square feet new construction at $167.19/sq ft = $3,831,158 construction cost.

So, if we built just the arts addition, we would save about $7,710,211. Build the arts addition and 1 station gym addition, we save $6,572,178. Build the arts addition and a new 2 station gym and we still save almost $3 million! ($2,988,347). 

Either way, I cannot understand how the HSST or Vote Yes ad's statement works that, "Current gym space is remodeled for academics and arts, as it is more economical to build gyms than classroom additions."

How is this re-purposing more economical? Did they think we would not notice?

Anyway, that is the way I see it.

Next posting will deal again with these new gym facilities. What else was the HSST team told?



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