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Questioning why we should build a 1.4 acre gym for who?

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OK, I have had enough of number crunching for the day with Part 1 and Part 2 of my 4th installment of Questioning "sadly mistaken when it comes to the facts..." regarding "...current gym space is being repurposed. It is more cost effective to build gym additions vs. classroom additions."

So now for a little lighter challenge to the remaining part of that statement about the gyms,"...Further the gym space will be used by our entire community (Park and Rec -- seniors will have a walking track instead of the mall which have kicked them out -- and we will be able to gain revenue by renting out the space)."

When the HSST member posted her original comment on March 10th, I did not respond to it because I trusted what she said: the mall must have "kicked...out" the walkers.

But then my husband went to Brookfield Square a few days later and came back with 2 brochures on their Mall Walking Program! 


This brochure from the mall's Stroller Walkers program is for moms on the 2nd Tuesday of each month during the school year. How fun.

Brookfield Square also has the Brookfield Square Mall Walking Program for Seniors. Why, Seniors can even get their blood pressure checked on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 8:30 - 10am.

The Senior brochure states, "Brookfield Square Mall offers you all the amenities you need to walk comfortably every day. The mall opens at 7:30am every morning for mall walkers and offers you a secure environment with a controlled climate. Bring a family member, friend or join up with fellow walkers at the Mall."

Well, the Seniors aren't "kicked out", are they.

Someone told me the mall might have discontinued their Mall Walking program during the construction period.

But this proved not to be the case either. The only construction period restriction is to delay the opening by 30 minutes.

So the mall did not kick out the Senior citizens as our HSST and Vote Yes member stated.

Guess that means Elmbrook does not need to build that 4 station indoor track gym at East that measures 1.4 acres?

Oh wait, we should build this new huge gym at East and new gym at Central because "... we will be able to gain revenue by renting out the space"

If this gym space is so necessary, so that students don't have to practice until 9 pm, and there is not enough gym space at present or in the future that the PomPom girls must practice in the cafeterias, when would there be that idle time to rent out the gyms to the public? 

My past experience with Elmbrook and trying to use the school property for a homeschool event was not favorable. We were told we could not use the school because we did not have liability insurance. But now Elmbrook is opening the school to Senior citizens for a mild work out on the track or for renting out gyms for private use? Often the publics' presence in the buildings interferes with the evening custodial duties too. 

Plus, do we really want to be inviting the public into our buildings before, during, or after school? But, I will save that question for another posting.

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