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Shame on you, Schellinger: illegally placed signs

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It happens nearly every election, I should not be surprised. The Schellinger signs pop up overnight like an unwanted crop of mushrooms.


My husband alerted me about this early today. He voted at 7am. They were all over across from our polling place. He called Brookfield's City Hall and spoke to City Clerk Kris Schmidt.

She indicated it would be taken care of. I think a poll worker could go take the errant ones down.

I went to vote at about 11:30am. That is when I snapped the 1st photo.  5 on one corner!

My Alderman Lisa Mellone had sent this photo to me in an email with this comment:

" Attached is a typical sign violation by Tom Schellinger (multiple signs placed in yard) placed in the final hours. Ask the residents on Chester St.(across from the District 7 polling place) if they gave Tom permission to place those signs in their yards.  Not surprisingly, it was discovered from at least one who was home, that Tom did not ask for permission.  Typical juvenile tactics by the perennial candidate." (Emphasis added)

This is typical Tom Schellinger.  He pulled another stunt even more juvenile  2 years ago when he ran for 3 races at once!

Lisa Mellone sent me this update at 1:49pm from Dean Marquardt, "Tom [Beinert, code inspector] just returned from this area.  He removed signs on five parcels.  Four of the properties were Schellinger sites, he pulled eight signs on these
sites.  Two Schellinger signs were left on each property (one for alderman, one more generic). "

Poor Kris Schmidt has been inundated with these types of calls today and she has an election to run! Unless something is extremely important, I think we have to let it go. 

Everything associated with campaigns is becoming "anything goes." Even with the referendum. Last night Chanel 4 did a spot on Elmbrook's referendum at Central High School. Molly Steffan was interviewed. The whole piece was slanted to why we need to spend $62.2mil. (No mention of why the school was allowed to get to this state.)

I was interviewed too, but I got a knock on my door around supper time and had about think. Does that seem equitable?

Renee' Lowerr is playing by the rules. She has worked very hard going door to door, speaking with area residents.

Tom Schellinger went door to door too, to some selected residents if they had a Lowerr sign in their yard, to ask why they supported Renee'. He went to other households, but did not bother to ask to post a sign.

Is it any wonder Lisa Mellone defeated him in 2006?

I hope the same happens this election. 

I had this email early this a.m.:  "Interesting note--did you notice the Schellinger signs, which have appeared around the neighborhood in the past week or so?  (Spouse) has talked to a lot of these folks, whose properties the signs are on; of the folks (spouse) was able to talk to, none of them gave permission for the signs to be placed on their properties; some did not  even know they were there. Seems like Mr. Schellinger will never learn. Or perhaps he has and knows he is not wanted in the 7th district. Go Renee!" (Emphasis added)

Tom Schellinger was a Brookfield Alderman. He knows the law; he knows better. His method takes less work though, and that sums up "Mr. Roll-a-dex" pretty well. (He will be my County Supervisor, heaven help me if I ever need anything!) 


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