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Area Boy Scout's Food Drive Sat. April 5, 9am

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Last weekend an area Boy Scout leader I know stopped on my street with some of his troop. They were passing out food drive plastic bags. I was outside putting my homemade "Academics, not Athletics" sign on my front lawn, when he stopped to chat. I told him I would plug his food drive on the blog after Tuesday. So, here it is.


Fill the bag from the Sunday newspaper or the one distributed by the Scouts with NON-PERISHABLE FOOD. It is a shame they need to mention this, but make sure the items are not expired or broken. Oooh. Canned goods, unopened package goods (not bread type items), hygiene and paper products, like toilet paper would be welcome too. NO FRESH FOODS.

Place the bag outside your front door by 9am on Saturday. I would not do this the night before if you have packaged items like noodles or hamburger helper because animals could get into it.

The Scouts should pick it up on Saturday. If it does not get picked up, then take it to a Pick 'n Save and place it in that specially marked barrel in the store.

You may have some items at home that you don't care for but could be useful to someone else. I frequently purchase things in multiples and then am disappointed when a family member does not care for that particular brand. Usually I take those new non food items to a thrift shop like ECFA's Almost Anything store, but this time I will put them in the Scout bag. 



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