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Park land for fire station?

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Update:  I heard the Plan Commission meeting was well attended. If I hear anything more, I will post the info.

Don't forget, tomorrow the Plan Commission and Park and Rec. hold a joint meeting to discuss turning Fairview North Park on the northwest corner of Capitol and Calhoun into Brookfield's #2 fire station.  "No action will be taken at Monday's meeting, which is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 2000 N. Calhoun Road. The regular Plan Commission meeting will follow the joint meeting."

It seems whether we like it or not, the fire stations are being moved, and Calhoun is being widened. I still can't help but believe we will regret this one day when the need for another fire/EMS station cannot be ignored any longer.

Some residents in the 2nd district, where Fairview North Park is located, are of course upset that their park land looks like it is going to be taken for the fire station. One commenter on Fairly Conservative suggested VK donate some of Capitol Heights for the fire station and that the city leave the parks alone! Novel idea, but I don't think it will fly.

If this is an issue that concerns you, do attend the meeting and contact your aldermen.


Other meetings of interest: 

District 7 and Concerned Calhoun Community meetings April 9th and 10th 


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