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Cougar shot in Chicago area!

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Last spring, at the Mary Knoll Weed Out, I was talking with Gary Majeskie (Brookfield Park & Rec.-Forestry) about reports of an alleged cougar siting along I-94. We both thought it pretty unlikely, yet a cougar is a rather unique looking animal. Some people easily confuse a wolf with a German Shepherd or coyote, but a cougar is too large to confuse with a domestic cat and does not resemble a canine.

There were other reports of cougar sitings around this same time. One came from Franklin. This report was dismissed as a mistaken coyote siting. As time went on, people pretty much forgot about the whole thing.

But a few minutes ago, I heard on the news that a real, live cougar was shot dead in Chicago! So, were those alleged sitings last year real? We will never know. But it does point to the possibility that these animals do sometimes live among us.

Cougars are often present in more remote areas and in our National Parks. I remember when we were at Zion National Park a few years back, they actually had instructions on how to deal with a cougar encounter. Their instructions to hikers went something like this: Look Big. Raise your arms above your head. IF you had a jacket, put it over your arms above your head to make yourself appear very tall. Wave your arms, shout, throw rocks at the cougar, etc. (The cougar  s h o u l d  run away.)

Anyway, now you know what to do should you encounter one of these large cats.

While I have your attention, I would like to remind you that the 4th annual Weed Out is scheduled for Saturday, May 3rd at Mary Knoll Park--rain or shine. (I will be reminding you again closer to the date.) 

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