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Jimmy, stick to Habitat not Hamas

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Former Presidents of the United States are expected to be just that, Former Presidents. Their days of power are to be over once they leave the White House. Sometimes they are called upon to be good will ambassadors, but they are not to give their 2 cents on important issues. Certainly, they are not to meddle in foreign affairs unless asked by the current administration!

Someone must have forgotten to give former President Carter that memo however.

If it bothers you that Jimmy Carter is laying a wreath on Palestinian Yassar Arafat's grave or meeting with Hamas "despite requests from the Bush administration not to interfere in Middle East peace negotiations", you may wish to send Jimmy your 2 cents worth on his conduct.

Rep. Joe Knollenberg introduced the Coordinated American Response to Extreme Radicals Act, which spells out CARTER Act, to keep taxpayer dollars from going to the Carter Center.

There is also an email you can send to various officials including the President and Secretary Condoleezza Rice asking that Carter be prevented from holding future meetings with terrorists outside of the U.S. by revoking his passport. (If this is too drastic a measure for you, you may omit that request from the email.)

Follow this GOPUSA link for more information and the create an email page where you can pick and choose the Carter issues that are important to you.

Most people would agree Jimmy Carter was not much of a president. (I am trying to be kind.) He has done some good work since then, however, with his Habitat For Humanity project. It would be great if Mr. Carter would stick to his Habitat project and leave Hamas and foreign policy to the current administration.

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