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Ugh, McCain and Huckabee? Say it aint so

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Just when I finally think I can stomach a McCain presidency, John goes and does something else that makes me shake my head in disgust.

McCain just joined 23 other senators in asking the EPA to reconsider some pollution standards. Good, I thought. Then right on the heels of that positive action, McCain still is talking Cap and Trade.

Oh well, he is still better than the alternative. But now this. The possibility of a McCain/Huckabee ticket.

Reason? To woo evangelical voters like me. With the Huckster? Ugh. McCain just alienated me again!!!

If McCain wants to woo the greatest number of evangelical voters, all he has to do is pick a true social and fiscal conservative as a running mate. Someone we would like to see as the next president in 2012. That is NOT Huckabee. 

First rule in picking running mate: First, do no harm.

Possible running mates better than Huckabee: J. C. Watts Jr. (He was even a Southern Baptist Youth Minister for 7 years),  Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan, hey, even Haley Barbour is looking good compared to Huckabee.

If the conservatives squash Huckabee like they did Harriet Miers, McCain might come to his senses. Let the squelching begin. 


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