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State Budget Passes Assembly: Now Veto Pen Only Hope?

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The Assembly narrowly approved the state budget bill fix, 51 - 46. So now what?

Representative Leah "Vukmir said she hoped Doyle would veto the entire bill."

Rich Zipperer, in his Statement on the Budget 'Repair' Bill, stated, "The solution to the current mess is simple. Control spending...With the state facing a $1.7 billion structural deficit, we can ill afford to knowingly make the problem worse."

Doyle's preference, the AP article stated, was "to take more money from the state's transportation fund, to be replaced with additional borrowing, to help balance the budget. He also proposed $111 million in cuts to state spending while the plan that passed had just $69 million."

Mike Huebsch, Assembly Speaker said in response to criticism from both Republicans and Democrats, "Frankly, if any of these were good ideas, we would have done them already. All of us would prefer changes."

I am inclined to agree with Vukmir, Zipperer, and even Spencer Black (D). "All the deal does is push off the state's financial problems into the future, he [Black] said."

But our Speaker Huebsch infers the budget repair bill is the best we could do? Certainly we could have come up with a better plant than just to delay payment of pending responsibilities. Until we cut spending, we are just postponing our problems.

So now we wait to see what Gov. Doyle does with his veto pen. 



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