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Is This Your Husband's Card? Could I See Some I.D.?

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Yesterday, I caught a bit of Mark Belling's show. He was talking about needing a photo ID to make a bank transaction. That got me thinking about how many times I need to show my drivers license more than the average person.

Because of my name, when I use my credit card I frequently am asked,

Is that your husband's card?

I say, No, it is mine.

Oh, could I see your driver's license?

Sure, and I show them. Conversation about my unique name follows. (Good reason to name kids with classic names.) 

I would not be allowed to use the card if I did not have a photo ID to prove who I am. 

Mark Belling (Podcast), talked (griped?) about his experience at the bank trying to make a deposit. He needed a photo ID to complete the transaction. He then thought about how many places everyone needs a photo ID just to carry out everyday life besides banking transactions: buying liquor and cigarettes, obtaining a Blockbuster card, library card (?), and checking in at the airport to name a few. Yet we are unwilling to take the ID step to securing our elections.

A little past the last half of the podcast, Mark got into the phony idea State Democrats promote of how requiring a photo ID disenfranchises voters. Jim Sullivan of Wauwatosa was mentioned as voting against photo ID, yet he (and other democrats) don't campaign against any other place that requires a photo ID.

The photo ID is a basic form of security in America, but we aren't willing to use the basic security for securing our vote!, Mark exclaimed. What we have allowed to happen regarding safeguarding our elections in Wisconsin is a disgrace.

Since I am planning some summer vacations, I got to thinking of all the places I need a photo ID for. We purchased a National Parks Pass. I needed a photo ID to purchase it and must show one every time I use it for admission. I have to prove I am the person on the card.

We might go to Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum. I will need one to purchase a membership (its cheaper if you go more than once) and then need the photo ID to use the membership card to prevent fraud.

Some states, especially in areas with lots of tourism, require a photo ID every time a credit card is used. The National Park concessioners require one as does Disney World. Frequently gas stations along the interstate require a photo ID to charge at the counter. Oh, and of course you need one to rent a car. 

You might say, these are all areas the poor would not be utilizing. True. But remember the basics of life mentioned earlier  all require a photo ID: check cashing (that would include a welfare check), banks, purchasing cigarettes and liquor, and let's not forget, driving. 

What we have allowed to happen regarding safeguarding our elections in Wisconsin is a disgrace. I couldn't have said it better.

If your State Senator is Jim Sullivan, let him know what you think about his NO vote last session. 

State Senator Jim Sullivan, Democrat, 5th District  608-266-2512,  866-817-6061

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