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VK Development's "Farm Neighborhood": Residential, Commercial, & High School

City of Brookfield, Development

VK: He's here (Ruby Farms), he's there (Florida), he is everywhere! (Pleasant Prairie)

On our drive back from Dearborn, Michigan, I noted a VK Development* sign on I-94 just south of that Mars Cheese Store near Pleasant Prairie and Kenosha. That got my attention.

I googled it when I got home and found VK's  Prairie Farm Neighborhood: (My emphasis)

The area includes 93.5 acres set aside as a potential site for a high school.

About 39 percent of the total acreage would be set aside for flood plains, wetlands, a park and other open space.

This quote caught my eye,

Noel Gentz, who lives along 114th Avenue near I-94, said he didn't think much of the plan and was concerned how the village will pay for the schools that the various subdivisions would more than likely attract.

"It's definitely hard to take, but there's no way to stop it," Gentz said.

Mr. Gentz has my sympathy, but there is more. There is also VK's  Hawthorn Suites in Prairie Ridge

Don't forget his other projects in Ozaukee County. Brookfield has one less VK property though: New Berlin firm buys Willow Brook apartments for $15.8 million. I guess there is never a dull moment for VK and family.

Be sure to read Fairly Conservative's piece on our Percheron Square

Maybe we could form a nation wide support group? Mr. Gentz might want to be the president.


*VK is a brilliant businessman. His projects are attractive in my opinion. My main objection is their density. 


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