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Just What Can You Find At ALDI's? Low Prices For One!

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I have shopped ALDI's for years now. It all started with "Big Tom" ketchup. We were a very brand loyal "Heinz" ketchup family and would not ever consider anything else on a burger. But a bargain hunting uncle of mine loved to shop at Aldi's and he would share the wealth with family. He gave us several "Big Tom" ketchups from Aldi's. Oh well, I can use them in meat loaf or something, I thought.

When we tasted the "Big Tom", it was GREAT! We liked it just as well as the Heinz. Since it was half the price, we converted. That made the 2004 presidential Heinz ketchup boycott much easier to stomach! (Big Tom is now called "Kyder".)

So, for those of you who have never ventured into an Aldi's, here are 25 of my favorite products and prices. I think you will see that Aldi's prices are much cheaper, sometimes by 100%. I would say the quality of these products is as good if not better than familiar name brand choices.

I will start in the upper left hand corner.

Clarissa Bath Tissue - 12 double rolls - $5.29 Compares to Angel Soft

Clarissa facial tissue - 160 count - $0.99 box

Kirkwood frozen skinless boneless chicken breasts - $5.49 (3#, I think)

Frozen talapia - $3.99  24 oz.

Zip sandwich bags - $1.99

Happy Harvest vegetables - $0.45 (I use them in the beef stew when "cabining" at Nat. Park, green beans for 3 bean salad)

Happy Harvest red kidney beans $0.45 (Great for chili or 3 bean salad)

Great Gherkins sliced sandwich pickles $1.19 Compares to Valasic

Great Gherkins bread n butter pickles $1.19  Ditto

Asia Oriental Stir-Fry veg mix with sauce mix - $2.89 for 2 lb, 5oz bag of nice veggies

Priano frozen pizza, 4 cheese, 14.5 oz. - $3.59 - this is REALLY good pizza!

Happy Harvest Baked Beans (not pork and beans) $0.49 Compares to Bush's

Sweet Harvest chunk pineapple - $0.79 Compares to Liberty

Happy Harvest stewed tomatoes - $0.45

Diomede's Black Olives - $0.99

Zip freezer bags - $1.99

Brookdale Beef Stew -  $1.49

Sweet Harvest applesauce - $0.89

Happy Farms 8oz. sliced natural cheese - $1.99 

Clancy's potato chips - $0.99

Happy Harvest frozen Extra Fine Green Beans - $1.39 these are REALLY good baby green beans

Happy Harvest tomato sauce - $.20

Happy Harvest tomato paste - Oops, can't remember

Kyder ketchup - either $0.99 or $1.09, very good

Diomede's stuffed green olives - $0.99 good, with real pimento 

So there you have it.  A pretty good listing of common products that will save you a bit of dough.

Aldi's recently raised prices about 10% across the board it seems. (Prices listed reflect the price increase.) The high cost of transportation and food scarcity affects everyone. Their produce is pretty good too and prices are much lower.

There are many other products that are good too, such as real chocolate chips for $.99/12 oz bag or 5# sugar for $1.79.

Some of their products I am not so wild about. My advice is if in doubt, purchase one and try it. If you like it, go back for more. Aldi's product line does change on some items very quickly. Sometimes they do have major brand names for a short time.

All Aldi branded items, such as the 25 products I listed, carry a double your money back guarantee. What do you have to lose?

If you are a Town of Brookfield resident and would like to see the Town approve the Aldi's store on Bluemound Rd., you could try contacting the Town board and attending the Town meeting for the discussion of zoning code changes for properties in the town's study area at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 18, Town Hall, 645 N. Janacek Road (Near Eble Ice Rink.)

INFORMATION: Gary Lake, building and zoning administrator, (262) 796-3790

Town Board Chairman: Keith Henderson Phone: (262) 785-0189
Village Board

Dan Shea Phone: (262) 641-2852

Robert Flessas Phone: (262) 821-5533

John Schatzman Phone: (262) 542-5452

Pat Stroebel Phone: (262) 803-4614

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