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Shopping Aldi's 101: B.Y.O. B, Q, and C & New Location News

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Want to shop at Aldi's? Here is a primer. B, Q, and C stand for Bags, Quarter, and Cash. Better bring your own.

BAGS: Aldi's does not supply free bags. You can either use the cardboard cartons they have laying around the store, purchase their bags, or bring you own. Or, you can take your cart out to your car and pile the lose things in without any bag or box. It is up to you.

I bring my red Sendik's bags to reuse at Aldi's. How is that for creative recycling? Funny thing, I was not the only one doing that today! That means other Sendik's shoppers shop Aldi's too. So much for the idea that high end shoppers won't go to an Aldi store. (By the way, if you reuse your Balistreri Sendik's bag at Balistreri Sendik's, they knock off 5 cents for each bag used.)

The QUARTER is used to unlock the cart. How is that for clever? The carts are all lined up in an alcove outside--chained together. There is a little locking gizmo on the cart that if you slide a quarter in, releases the chain to the next cart. Now you are ready to shop.

When you finish shopping, you can leave the cart in the parking lot and lose your quarter, or like everyone I have ever seen at Aldi's, you take it back to the cart alcove, slip the chain end tab back into the gizmo, and your quarter pops out. Pretty efficient. No need for a cart boy.

CASH: Aldi's does not take credit cards. Remember, they are all about keeping prices low. They will take a Check Card and let you get cash back from your transaction. The checker scans each item and places it in your cart. They have a counter area that you take your cart to so you can then bag or box your groceries. Again, no need for a bagger.

NEW LOCATION NEWS: I got this tidbit today. The checker and I talked about the Town of Brookfield's balking at the Aldi's locating there. She told me that there would be a new Aldi's at 124th and Captitol in the old Jewel store location this fall. So with Town of Brookfield approval or not, Aldi will encroach right up to Brookfield's bourgeois border! 

Coming soon, Just what can you get at Aldi's? My top 25 products and prices. 

P.S. I was just out on County Line Road (Hwy Q) in Menomonee Falls. Lots of new shopping there: J.C.Penney's and across the street, Linen's and Things, Michael's, and ALDI's!!! 


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