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Oh, This IS Sickening, Another Reason To Boycott HEINZ!

Alert, Homosexual agenda

I started boycotting Heinz ketchup* during the Kerry campaign. I never went back. I did not want to support a company that was tied to an agenda contrary to my beliefs if I could help it. But now THIS!

Are you ready for TV commercials that push homosexual families as being normal? Heinz is currently running this ad in England.  Watch the ad.  I know there are homosexual families out there, but please don't try to push that this is normal.

I cannot in good conscience support such a company. I vote with my pocketbook. No more Heinz anything--ever. 

I am also sending an email to Heinz. You can do this easily through the American Family Association ActionAlert.  If you would like to call Heinz, you can call their corporate headquarters by calling 412-456-5700 or their toll free number, 800-255-5750. 

The Heinz Corporation was started by Henry John Heinz, a Christian, in 1869. The Heinz name stood for wholesomeness. "Heinz broke with most of the food industry in his ardent support of the Pure Food and Drug Act, and his company was one of the first to open its doors for "public tours", to reassure customers that his products were produced under sanitary conditions."  What a sad turn of events this ad campaign is--the Heinz name now standing for homosexuals. 

*As mentioned in Just What Can You Find At Aldi's?, Kyder Ketchup has been our Heinz substitute since 2004. 

Photo is from Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan 


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