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Send Some Cheer To Our Troops: Easy As 1, 2, 3

Helping others

1. Last night, Michelle Malkin and Melanie Morgan teamed up to raise money for The Largest Care Package Shipment EVER from MOVEAMERICAFORWARD.ORG  They hosted a Jerry Lewis style live broadcast to raise money for sending gift boxes to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I had this post all written yesterday morning and hit "save" but the screen went blank! Argh. I lost the post and the internet and the phone. (We were getting a Cable TV packaged installed on a super deal--less than what we are paying now for phone and internet.) At 11pm internet was restored (thanks to offspring) and I caught the last minute of the fund raiser. They raised $1,055, 719!!!

But all is not lost. Morgan announced that you have until July 2nd to donate to the cause, so you can still participate. Their ultimate goal looks to be $1,250,000.

The gift boxes start at $15.99 each and include some 2oz. packets of specially labeled Jelly Belly jelly beans. They dubbed them "Candy Diplomacy:"

Move America Forward is providing to our troops in care packages (per their request) for them to hand out to the children of Iraq and Afghanistan - as a means of diplomacy to strengthen bonds between the people of these war-torn nations and the United States.

The packages have the following message printed on them in both English and Arabic:

A gift from the American people in
hope that your country will one day
enjoy the freedom and opportunities
that we have in the United States.


2. Since "Man does not live by bread alone," Matthew 4:4, you can even send a New Testament with the Psalms and Proverbs kit to a soldier. I received this request from Campus Crusade for Christ*: 

Requests for Bibles for our troops continue to pour in...

With the help of people like you, more than 1.8 million [Bible kits]...have been distributed since September 2001. However, there remains much more to be done as requests for Bibles continue to pour in from soldiers, chaplains, military family members, and others. 

Each Bible kit contains the N.T. Bible + Psalms and Proverbs, a daily devotional, and booklet explaining the gospel. Cost: $3.25 each. Don't let the donate page throw you off. Just check the Other category and put in the amount you wish (example $10 would buy 3 kits.) 


3. Want to do something but don't have the extra cash? Send an email or letter! 

During the Vietnam War, my high school girlfriends and I each had soldier pen pals. We sent letters (no email back then), exchanged photos, and also mailed them home baked cookies etc. It was a very worthwhile experience.

There are many organizations that help civilians support our troops. I Googled "send email to troops" and found these opportunities to send emails, and cards, and more. (Check them out before sending money)

Email Our Troops! Armed Forces News Service 

Any Soldier Started by a soldier to help other soldiers who did not receive any mail 

Soldiers' Angels  A site with lots of opportunities to help.

America Supports You, Our Military Men & Women, an official US Department of Defense website

There is a link page to different things you can do to help, from writing letters to donating frequent flyer miles.

You can send a message. Your message will be sent, some are posted:

God Bless you and keep you safe for you are doing a great job. I pray for your safety every night and hope you come home soon. Beth Kitchens-Harmon, Macon, Ga.

Lastly, pray for our troops. This is something everyone can do if they are a person of faith, even children. I have 5 soldiers and their families I pray for every day.

So whether you can send a donation for a gift box, a Bible kit, or write a letter or email, or pray, it all helps our troops. And that is something we all can agree on, right? 


*My husband's cousin is in missions with Campus Crusade 

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