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No Need To Get Up In Arms: Right To Bear Arms Upheld!

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The Supreme Court ended their term on a high note today. They just ruled, 5-4, that individuals have the right to bear arms. The D.C. gun ban has been struck down. (Ginsberg, Breyer, Stevens, Souter dissenting)

The 32 year D.C. gun ban was ruled as being incompatible with the 2nd amendment. It in essence leaves all gun rights intact. (H/T Jay Weber announcement)

I am greatly relieved. Although I don't think everyone needs to own a gun, I certainly believe the 2nd amendment intended that people have the right to own guns. Back then, every household probably had a gun if they could afford one. A gun was necessary for protection and hunting. To interpret the 2nd amendment as being only for the militia was ludicrous.

Think elections don't matter? Consider if there was just one more liberal justice, our 2nd amendment rights would have just been taken away.

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