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Town's Aldi's Approved, UNANIMOUSLY!

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How about that turn around? I noticed on Community Watch the Town of Brookfield approved Aldi's! Unanimously!

The Town Board listened to both the public and Aldi's officials and gave the project a chance. (The lawsuit filed on June 4th by Timothy Timmerman, director of operations for mall owner Janacek Investments, probably got the board's attention too!)

Evidentially, the actual store design and landscaping plans were improved. After all, we wouldn't want the Aldi's decor to degrade the image of the George Webb or Chuckee Cheese, would we?

JSOnline shed more light on last evening's board meeting:  

"Town Administrator Rick Czopp recommended that the board approve the plan of operations for the store, saying that the store had responded to the rejection by making changes to its plan.

It seemed the original denial was based more on the clientèle and product than on the landscaping and design. Possibly the design elements were not mentioned in the articles? Other Aldi's stores range from functional to trendy. The Aldi's in the Menomonee Falls area, for example, is attractive. It's a stucco version of the Michael's in Fountain Square.

 "Timmerman [shopping center's rep.] has also proposed two revised signs for the property, which are lower than the current tall pylon signs.

Lower signs are the latest trend, but I think they are dangerous. Because motorists cannot easily see them from the road, I think they are distracting--the lower signs are often blocked by parked cars or traffic. Hopefully this sign is not as low as the Pedros sign for example.

 "Supervisor Robert Flessas said he had received a number of comments from residents favoring the project.

The public outcry in favor of Aldi's surprised me. Both the comments on my blog and the Brookfieldnow comment page were overwhelmingly positive. Even Laurel Walker supported Aldi's in her columns!

The most ironic statement from the Town Board came from Supervisor John Schatzman, concerning product quality,

 “I think you’re definitely speaking the truth about the quality. I purchase probably a third of my groceries at Aldi’s.”

Surprisingly, Aldi's seems to be a good employer.  Aldi's vice president Chris Hewitt said they offer "full-time benefits to any employees working more than 20 hours a week." I don't know what Aldi's percentage of full time workers is, but one employee at the Greenfield/HWY 100 store told me that Aldi's was a good place to work. In general, Aldi's employees seem to be hard working, pleasant, and motivated--usually a sign of a good employer.

All is well that ends well. Aldi's is coming to Town. The new Aldi's might be open by the end of 2008, giving the Town and west* side City of Brookfield residents another grocery store choice.

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From Laurel Walker, Should Aldi acquaintance be for naught?, Aldi debate should center on reason

*East side Brookfield residents will soon have a convenient alternative too. I heard they are planning a store in the former Jewel Foods next to Target at 124th and Capitol by November 2008.


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