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Animal Emergency Center: Open 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week

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Seems kids and pets always get sick in the evening, on the weekend, or worse yet, on a holiday. We've been blessed never to have needed the emergency room for our son, but our little pooch, Zipper, is another story.

A few summers ago, Zipper and I were out working in the yard. He was having a blast exploring the woods while I pulled weeds. But when he emerged from the brush, I noticed something was very wrong. Zippers' eyes were rimmed in red and swollen; his lips looked puffy too.

As I examined him more closely, I saw he had many red welts on his head. Oh, my goodness, wasp or bee stings?

Wouldn't you know, it was on a holiday. Now what?

We called our vet in Glendale. Their phone message directed us to the Animal Emergency Center. I called them and let them know we were coming in.

What a blessing! They are open 24 hours a day, every day--even holidays. They were easy to get to and quickly attended to our pet.

Poor Zip must have encountered a wasp nest or minor bees in our woods? He had around 20 stings. If I had not seen him in time, he might have met his Maker!

After a few hours at the emergency center, we were able to take our dog home. We were very grateful to have found a place to take him in his hour of need.

Just in case you may have a pet emergency...

The Animal Emergency Center is at 2100 W. Silver Spring Dr., Glendale, WI  53209, 414-540-6710

I took I-94 to I-43 north to Silver Spring west exit, then west on Silver Spring to 21st street. The emergency center is on the north side of the street.

Hope you never need them!

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