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Here I thought I could tell Elmbrook: Practice what you teach

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Yesterday, Brookfieldnow informed us there was a Hearing set on high school additions. That got my attention.

Could it be the board was still allowing public input on the referendum? If so, I would have requested that since Elmbrook has classes that teach global warming*, they should put into practice what they are teaching. If the district would scrap their plans to air condition both high schools, they could reduce our carbon footprint and reduce energy use. I am not a global warming-ist, but I do favor reducing costs: Air conditioning installation and operation costs money!

Alas, my hopes were dashed. The hearing is a City Plan Commission hearing being held to address landscaping and parking lot issues:

The commission’s main concerns about the plans at East revolved around landscaping. Commission member Jennifer Donze said she wants the district to address the “seas of asphalt” at East by meeting the city’s standards and including landscaping islands in the parking lot.

District officials said they would work with city staff to reach and agreement on the landscaping in the parking lot along Lilly Road in front of East’s new main entrance.

At Central, members talked about the addition of 213 parking stalls near the school’s main entrance to the southwest of the building. The plans also call for a realignment of the school’s exit to the west with a proposed extension of Civic Drive north of City Hall.

The city has asked that the connection be built within 18 months of the approval of the conditional use and revised plan for the school or the end of 2010, whichever comes first.

I don't mean to trivialize these landscape and road issues--especially if you live near the schools. If they are important to you, go voice your opinion. (The date has not been set--the Common Council votes on July 15 to schedule hearing.)

Me? At this point I just want windows that open as part of our $62.2 million.  At least then we could have the option of opening a window instead of air conditioning when electricity prices go through the roof.


*Dr. Melanie Stewart informed me Elmbrook does cover Global Warming in the AP Environmental classes, Biology Ecology unit, and a bit in middle school science classes. 


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