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No need to drill, says Obama, just properly inflate your tires!

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Wow! We don't need to drill in the US for more oil. All we have to do is properly inflate our tires*. At least that is what Obama said yesterday, Obama energy policy: 'Inflate your tires' Candidate claims oil savings would equal new production plans:

"There are things you can do individually, though, to save energy," Obama said. "Making sure your tires are properly inflated – simple thing. But we could save all the oil that they're talking about getting off drilling – if everybody was just inflating their tires? And getting regular tune-ups? You'd actually save just as much!"

Vicki McKenna played the clip of him saying that 2 times on her radio show today. Unbelievable. Take a look at the Google search of Obama inflate tires too. Lots of entertainment there. UPDATE: Cindy Kilkenny has the Youtube posted of his comments--you can see it for yourself.

Obama's idea reminds me quite a bit of all the gas saving measures suggested and hawked during the Carter years of gasoline shortages. Each thing you did or purchased was to increase gas mileage 5 to 15%. People joked that if you did them all, you would have to stop the car every 200 miles just to empty the tank!

I will make sure my tires are properly inflated before I go on my next road trip later this year. Bet I only have to stop for gas once or twice! ;-)

Maybe one campaign strategy for Republicans would be to just arrange Obama speaking opportunities--no teleprompter allowed though.

*Just imagine how our economy would improve it we properly inflated our tires AND drilled here? 

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