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Tomatoes and garlic salad Italian style

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Growing up, one of our favorite summer meals was sweet corn, Italian bread, maybe some tuna fish, and tomatoes and garlic salad. It was a very simple supper, but it sure tasted good!

I still make this marinated salad just like my Italian grandfather did--with homegrown tomatoes (or from the farmer's market), garlic, and extra virgin olive oil. It is very simple to prepare. If you like tomatoes and garlic, give it a try.

Put all ingredients into a salad bowl.

Use at least one tomato per person. Wash it, core it, and cut into wedges--about 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inches.

Peel and slice 1 clove of garlic per 3 tomatoes--more or less to taste.

Pour on about 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil per tomato.

Some people might want to add a pinch of salt. 

Let sit at room temperature for a few hours and stir a few times. DO NOT REFRIGERATE!!!

When ready to serve, you can pick out the garlic slices if you like, or leave in.

Serve with Italian bread. The juice from the tomatoes mixed with the oil and garlic is delicious. Grandpa would break off pieces of the bread to soak up the juices with. That is how we eat it too.

I like the Italian bread from Angelina's Deli on North Ave. just east of Pilgrim. They also have the best Italian sausage in town, in my opinion. The sausages would make a nice addition to this meal, instead of the tuna.

We get our sweet corn from Simon's on Greenfield Ave. and Vista View--between Mooreland and Sunnyslope. It is excellent.

So give this simple summer supper a try soon.


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