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Holding my breath in preparation for holding my nose

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(See updates at bottom of post)

The word is, John McCain will declare his running mate tomorrow. I have come to terms with voting for McCain. To quote a colorful little saying of my father's, "He's a little better than the average...but the average ain't so good these days." The more I find out about Obama, the better McCain looks.

I think as long as he doesn't pick a real loser of a running mate, most conservatives like me will take a deep breath and vote for McCain on election day. The fact that a number of pro-choice candidates have been hinted at however, such as Tom Ridge and Joe Lieberman, to me destroys all the positive ground McCain gained since he became the Republican's candidate.

If McCain picks Lieberman or any other pro-choice running mate, I guess I will need an oxygen tank to keep me going on Election Day!

There is one V.P. possibility that excites me: Alaska's governor Sarah Palin. She is young, energetic, pro life, pro gun, pro small business, very pro oil...what's not to like? I doubt Democrats will bring up her lack of foreign policy experience because that would just point to Obama's lack of experience too. She's a mother of 5, her oldest son enlisted in the Army; her youngest was born with Down's Syndrome. So unlike Romney, who has changed his position, she truly believes in the sanctity of life and has demonstrated that by her actions. (Just so you know, I would be just as excited by her if she were male.)

Mitt Romney would be OK with me too. His speech on faith and his concession speech last spring were outstanding. He is pro-life enough for me and I know he would defend our freedom of religion, even though I don't share his faith. Many people do not see Romney in a favorable light however.

Tim Pawlenty's name has been out for a while. He would be good. He is young, pro life, and fairly conservative, but he is hook, line, and sinker an ethanol promoter. (What can you expect in Minnesota?) He comes from humble roots, so that would be a nice contrast. Since Pawlenty was for McCain all along, there would not be the 180 degree flip flops on McCain being a good president as Biden has had to do with Obama.

Another name tossed out there is Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Senator from Texas. She does not excite me, but at least she isn't a Lieberman or Ridge.

Paul Ryan or Bobby Jindall would be great too, but they are just a little on the young side for most people. (Next time?) 

Any of the above would be better than a pro-choice pick.

What I don't understand is why McCain would even flirt with the idea of a pro-choice running mate? It is pretty obvious that the pro-life issue is important. To many voters it is the #1 criteria.

Eyebrows are still rising over Obama's vote on the Infant Protection Bill. Others agree that a Pro Choice Veep Equals Political Suicide, (My emphasis)

I hate to rain on John McCain's parade right after he trounced Barack Obama at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church forum, for which I heartily applaud him, but McCain's trial balloon consideration of a pro-choice running mate demands a response.

The prospect of an Obama presidency is so horrifying that many conservatives have temporarily put aside their misgivings about McCain to focus on defeating Obama.

They hold their noses on McCain's immigration record, his campaign finance reform zealotry and his newfound acquiescence to the propaganda narrative of environmental extremists. But they are profoundly appreciative of his tougher stance against tax increases and mindful of his undeniable superiority over Obama on foreign policy and national defense. Recent world events, including Russia's naked aggression against Georgia, magnify this already-glaring contrast.

But while national defense necessarily occupies the front burner, McCain would make a fatal mistake to assume that social issues, especially abortion, are ever off an equally blazing front burner for an inestimable number of social conservatives, the Republicans' most reliable voting bloc over the past three decades.

The pro life issue still has traction. Why give it away?

Because of McCain's age, the running mate becomes an even more important issue. Plus, wouldn't it be great to have a strong V.P. candidate that could step up when McCain fulfilled his term/s? 

In the meantime, I'm holding my breath and thinking, don't make a colossal blunder, McCain! 

UPDATE: After Barack Obama's speech tonight, the word on Fox News was that Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, and Tim Pawlenty would be meeting with McCain in Ohio tomorrow. Other sources had a longer list of VP possibilities. Ugh, I hate waiting.

Friday morning UPDATE: Mitt Romney will be in Ohio, Tim Pawlenty is not the pick and is not coming to Ohio, Mike Huckabee said he was not vetted (phew), but there is mention of a private charter flight to Ohio from ALASKA! (Jay Weber) Drudge has a campaign button mock up with McCain Palin on it big as life. 

2nd Friday update: Fox News says it is not Mitt Romney. 

3rd Friday update: My hopes are dashed. Rumors of Palin being in Ohio are said to not be true. ABC says she is in Alaska and set to visit their state fair today. I suppose she could still be the pick? They could be wrong? I hope? There are other rumors that Palin has been spotted in Ohio--that a woman and 2 teens got off that Alaskan charter flight last night. The announcement will come at 11am today--at least I can exhale then.  


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