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Tuesday is primary election day. Go vote!

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I don't know that many people are even thinking about voting tomorrow, but Tuesday, Sept. 9th is the primary for the Nov. 4th election. As usual, we will go vote. (One of the joys of having an adult child is that our household vote total now is 3!)

Don't assume that this election does not matter. There are primary challengers to Congressman Sensenbrenner, Assembly, and Register of Deeds depending on your district. 

We all vote on United States Congressman in our area. You would think Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner would be running unopposed, but "Republican" Jim Burkee is challenging him for the job. I don't even have to wonder about which one to support--Burkee's Journal Sentinel endorsement along with the Shepherd Express' tells me all I need to know. (The Journal also endorsed Sensenbrenner's opponent Bryan Kennedy 2 years ago.)

I will cast my vote of support for Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, because he has been a steadfast supporter of fiscal and social conservative values.

I live in State Assembly district 14--east Brookfield, West Allis, etc. Here is my sample ballot. 

Leah Vukmir is my 14th Assembly Representative. She gets my enthusiastic support too for being a champion for taxpayers and conservative values. Leah will be challenged by Democrat David Hucke in November.

If you live in State Assembly district 98--west Brookfield and Pewaukee area--this is your ballot. 

Rich Zipperer, Republican 98th Assemblyman, will be challenged by Democrat Victor Weers this November. If I lived in the 98th, I would wholeheartedly support Zipperer. He too is a strong conservative voice in Madison.

State Assembly district 24 is to our immediate north--Menomonee Falls, Germantown, etc.--here is their ballot. 

The 24th district will be choosing their Republican Assembly candidate from a field of 4 contenders (listed in order on the ballot): Michael Moscicke, Randall Ryan Melchert, Jason Lasage, and Dan Knodl. As I have already stated, my choice would be Randall Melchert.

The Democrats are also presenting two 24th Assembly candidates: Charlene Brady and Torrey Lauer on tomorrow's ballot.

By the way, Republican 8th District State Senator Alberta Darling will be challenged in November by Democrat Sheldon Wasserman.

So go vote on Tuesday!


If your district was not listed, you can find your sample ballot here. 

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