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Which candidate would you invite for coffee? Sarah, meet Silvia

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Governor Palin returned to her home state, Alaska, after the convention. In watching interviews with the locals, it was pretty hard to miss that they all call her "Sarah." (She does enjoy a 68 to 80% approval rating.)

The ability for the public to relate to a candidate and imagine going out for a beer with in elections is a huge advantage they say. Since I don't drink, I will translate that familiarity to having coffee together.

The everyman appeal isn't new. Remember the Kennedy/Nixon debates where John F. Kennedy crossed his legs to reveal a hole in the sole of his shoe? That was no doubt staged to make him appear more real.

I never really envisioned sharing a cup of joe with any candidate, although maybe President Bush came the closest. Maybe it was his profession of his Christian faith that made me feel a little less intimidated.

But my standoffishness came to an end with Sarah Palin. She just seems like someone I could invite over for a cup of coffee. At my house, that means espresso, hence to meet Silvia, our espresso maker.

I like the fact that some days she might make macaroni and cheese for dinner. What mom can't identify with that?

It is not her working mother status that evokes the desire to talk to her one on one. In fact, my personal choice on that issue was the opposite. (I quit work when I had my son and stayed home to homeschool.) But I do know of homeschool moms who seem to manage a very large family, run a family business, and have very well behaved children. Sarah seems to possess that same gumption.

The latest Palin flap was over her wardrobe. The RNC spent $150,000 on new clothing for her because, well, she needed it. The clothing is actually on loan to her and she returns the outfits to the RNC after a few wearings. Sean Hannity interviewed her last week--one of the subjects covered was her wardrobe. She said she and Todd live very simply in Alaska. Her favorite clothing store in there? A consignment shop: "Out of the Closet."  I can relate!

Which candidate would you most want to share a cup of coffee with and chat? For me the order is: Sarah Palin, John McCain, Joe Biden (you have to say he is entertaining), and least of all, Barack Obama. How about you?

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