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Another reason to avoid "Made in China"

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It has happened again. Tainted Chinese made baby formula* has caused 3 infant deaths in that country. More deaths will probably follow since 1,253 babies are already sick, and at least 10,000 infants have been exposed. (In 2004, 13 babies died from "drinking fake milk powder.")

Now the Chinese government is cracking down. China arrests 12 in milk scandal:

Suppliers are believed to have added melamine, a banned chemical normally used in plastics, to watered-down milk in order to make it appear higher in protein.

The additive is blamed for causing severe renal problems and kidney stones.

...Tests have shown that 69 batches of formula from 22 companies contained the banned substance.

If that chemical sounds familiar, it is because melamine was the same culprit in last year's dog food recall that caused thousands of American pets to die. It is not included by mistake; the toxic chemical is added because it is cheaper than producing the product properly. In other words, they do it to cheat. (I don't believe the Chinese have the same ethical prohibitions to cheating that Americans do.)

China's track record on producing safe products is shaky at best. 

It has also raised questions about China's ability to police its food production industries after a series of health scares - and fatalities - in recent years.

These have ranged from the contamination of seafood to toothpaste and, last year, to pet food exported to the US.

Not only are food products in question, but the lead paint on toys scandal last year makes me doubt their veracity on other fronts too.

My advice is to start reading labels--including mainstream American company brands. When you start, you may be as surprised as a family member was to see American Co. juice boxes marked, "Made in China." 

The tilapia I so enjoyed was also marked, "Made in China." Since tilapia is pond raised, I had to wonder, what are the Chinese feeding them? Do I trust them to do the right thing? No. I suddenly lost my appetite.

On non-food products with a more personal connection, such as sun screen, mouth wash, baby bottles and pacifiers, make-up, medications, toddler toys--anything that goes in the mouth or on the skin--I would avoid "Made in China" or made in the 2nd or 3rd world too. (Reputable countries such as Canada, Germany, UK, France, etc. would be probably be OK.)

It is one thing to purchase a pair of "Made in China" shoes that fall apart in a month, quite another to give a toddler a toy with lead paint! I don't mean to suggest that the Chinese are the only people motivated by greed, but your chances of getting what you pay for are higher when you buy "Made in USA."

Not only will you be protecting your family from possible harm by buying American, but you will also be helping our own economy. 


*OK, here is my chance to pitch breastfeeding, which is by far the best method for feeding an infant. La Leche League helps women worldwide to learn how to breastfeed their infants. Nursing provides better nutrition and immune defense to infants, be they in the USA or 3rd world country--and no worries of tainted, improperly, or inadequately configured formulas.


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