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Bloom is off the Biden rose

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The public and the press are often fickle. One day they praise you, the next they ridicule. That seems to be the case with VP pick Sen. Joe Biden. At first he was praised for adding experience to the Obama ticket, but now he is fast becoming Joe Biden: The incredible shrinking candidate.

Someone should break the bad news to Sen. Joe Biden: As a vice presidential candidate he's doing far worse than Dan Quayle.

In 1988 Quayle became a national laughingstock to the liberal American mainstream media. But he did succeed in helping rally an even-then somewhat dubious Reaganite-conservative GOP base behind Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush, who coasted to an easy victory over Democratic nominee Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis.

It is far better for vice presidential candidates to be lightning rods who are despised by the national media but who are good at rallying the grassroots of the party.

Even Biden expressed his wonderment over Obama picking him for VP when he said, "She's [Hillary] easily qualified to be vice president of the United States of America and, quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me, but she is first-rate."

If Obama should win the White House, one has to wonder just what role Biden would play. Would Joe Biden even be trusted to fulfill the standard VP role of attending funerals? Can you imagine "Stand up, Chuck" at a state funeral?

But for now, Sen. Joe Biden, who had his own presidential aspirations, is fulfilling his V.P. candidate role.

He works hard, he churns out the speeches, he castigates Republican nominee McCain of Arizona as the fearless "attack dog" he was supposed to be. Yet after he does everything he was supposed to do, even the media who sang hosannas over his selection just report it all glumly and then shrug it off. And no one else cares.

...So far, Attack Dog Biden hasn't managed to land even a friendly lick on John McCain's face. While Palin flourishes amid the media's most frenzied efforts to smear and destroy her, Biden shrivels under that far crueler death blow to any politician's ego--amiable and polite forgetfulness. He is too ineffectual and peripheral to even warrant contempt.

Ouch. But that is the way of roses. They bud, bloom and look beautiful, then they wilt and are cast into the trash--only the thorns remain.


Speaking of roses and funerals...The bloom is off the Obama rose for some African Americans, he was heckled at a recent speech (protest signs are OK, but I do not approve of their vocal behavior), and Obama could use a little brush up on memorial decorum. See 9/11 Ground Zero etiquette: A tale of two roses 

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