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Start planning now: Free admission to Disney theme parks & free Disney dollars

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Around this time of year, I usually start thinking of vacation destinations for the coming year. How about this one?

Walt Disney World just announced their new theme for 2009, "What will you celebrate?" They are giving a free theme park ticket to visitors who come on their birthdays. So if someone in your family has a birthday when you are thinking of going on vacation next year, you might consider Disney World or Disneyland. A little planning now could save you a bit of money later. 

From the Orlando Sentinel: 

Next year everyone will be able to come to a Walt Disney World's theme parks on their birthdays and get in free.

That's the cornerstone of the 2009 national promotional campaign, "What will you celebrate?" announced today by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Anyone showing up with a valid ID including proof of birthdate will get a free ticket on that day in 2009 for one of the theme parks at Disney World or at Disneyland in California.

Disney officials announced the promotion as their effort to cash in on what they described as a growing trend called "celebration vacations" -- trips to vacation spots that people take to celebrate big birthdays, big anniversaries, honeymoons and other momentous personal occasions.

We have been at Disney World on my birthday. I got a free cake when we ate at Mexico, a favorite lunch stop at Epcot. But free dessert pales in comparison to a free theme park ticket! (Hmm, could we go next fall?) 

Of course if you go to Disney, wouldn't some free Disney money to spend be nice too?

If you apply for a Disney Rewards Visa credit card from Chase bank, you can earn free Disney money! Each month the card awards points to your account in proportion to the money you charge. When you are ready to use the points, you call them and they change the points to dollars and load them onto a Disney debit type card. You can then use that card's dollars to purchase theme park tickets, food, gifts, etc. in the theme parks and stores. The longer you have the card, the more points you can rack up.

We have had this card for years and used our points for free tickets and food. (Mine has Mickey on it.) Just make sure you pay off your balance each month so the dollars truly cost you nothing. (The only way to use a credit card.)

The Disney Rewards Visa card also carries an excellent buyer protection insurance plan on your purchases. (We have collected on that too.)

So if a visit to the Kingdom of the Mouse is in your future, plan now to save later. Free is good.


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