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Happy 25th Anniversary to Brookfield's Brookside Baptist Church


In 1983, 11 people gathered in the conference room of the McLario law firm in Menomonee Falls for a church service. Out of that core group Brookside Baptist Church was born. Today, 25 years later, often 900 people attend Brookside on a Sunday.

This Sunday, Sept. 28th, in celebration of Brookside's 25th Anniversary, two of our former pastors, Dean Taylor and Bill Jones will be preaching as part of the celebration. 

Our family started attending 9 years ago when the church was still in their smaller building on Hampton and Lisbon Rd., in Brookfield. Every Sunday it seemed the building was getting smaller! Soon they needed to hold 3 services--it was time to expand.

Brookside built the new facility on Pilgrim Rd. just south of Lisbon Rd. 5 years ago. Using lots of free labor from the congregation, Brooksiders pitched in with electrical, plumbing, concrete, finish carpentry, painting, staining, and tile work. It was hard work, yet it was a satisfying experience. I helped with some of those tasks; other women brought lunch to the crew every Saturday. It reminded me of the old time barn raising where everyone pitched in to help. Once the building was finished, it was great to all be in one church service again. That did not last for long; we soon needed 2 morning services again...and so it goes.

About 2 years ago, Brookside started a Spanish church. Our Pastor, Dr. Sam Horn would preach a Spanish sermon during the Sunday School hour on Sunday mornings. I attended a few times and I found it enjoyable to try and see how much I could understand. (Un poco.) Singing the hymns in Spanish was much easier. We have since hired a Spanish pastor for this church within a church. 

Our church has grown through the grace of God. It will be interesting what the next 25 years brings.

Drop in sometime if you don't already attend a church or watch a sermon on the internet.  See what Brookside has to offer. 


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