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If Liberals cite Bible, they should know the Bible

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The L.A. Times just came up with this phony roadblock to Governor Sarah Palin's new role as Republican VP nominee: To some evangelicals, Palin's career violates biblical teachings. Actually, following their logic, she should not have run for mayor or governor then either.

Guess the LA Times writer never read about the Proverbs 31 woman, or Deborah the Judge of Israel, Queen Esther who saved the Jews from extermination. But then, I would guess Teresa Watanabe has not really read the Bible much less studied it. L.A. Times Microanalyzes Bible for Sarah Palin Hit Piece

Even Vic Eliason of Milwaukee's conservative WVCY (Voice of Christian Youth) mentioned prominent women of the Bible, like Deborah the judge, when Palin was announced. 

Doug Phillips of Vision Forum ministry is ultra conservative. I am familiar with his organization. Some homeschoolers go so far as to train their daughters in homemaking, but not career or college, but this is the extreme view. 

In Jesus' day, Israel was under Roman rule. They yearned for a leader to take their nation back to the days of greatness and free them from their oppressors. Many thought Jesus was just that man.

Jesus was not a community organizer or activist, getting loans for the poor, or even trying to find them jobs. In fact, He called working fishermen Peter and ??? away from their gainful employment on the sea and made apostles of them. When His disciples questioned the gift of an expensive perfume being used to anoint Him, he said the poor would always be with them.

When Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of God, the downtrodden Jews thought He was speaking of the material world. Jesus had to correct them and tried to make them see his ministry more in eternal terms.

Jesus said it best Himself:

My kingdom is not of this world. Hardly the words of a community activist or organizer.

Some Democrats would do well to leave comparisons to Biblical figures to those who are actually familiar with the Bible.


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