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An American Carol: Funny & thought provoking, but w/reservations

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I saw An American Carol on its debut, Friday, Oct. 3. Usually I wait for a movie to hit the Budget Theater, but with these more offbeat type films, often you better see them when you can. (Same thing happened with the movie, Expelled. It just came out on DVD in case you missed that one.)

The movie had some very funny lines, bits, and situations, but also contained some real points to ponder. Actor Leslie Nielsen plays a grandfather of a Navy man, the Bob Cratchit of the story, who is about to ship out to the Persian Gulf. The Navy man's uncle is the Michael Moore-like character, Michael Malone--the Scrooge.

During a 4th of July picnic, Grandpa Leslie Nielsen's grandchildren beg him for a story. He then tells them the American Carol story, how, anti-American Michael Malone (Scrooge) tried to abolish the 4th of July. (Malone cannot abide that holiday because it celebrates our war of independence, and he is a pacifist at any cost.) There is also a little of It's a Wonderful Life mixed in, where Michael sees what would have happened if President Lincoln had been a pacifist too.

Jacob Marley's ghost is John F. Kennedy. (If you remember, Director David Zucker was a Kennedy Democrat.) Kennedy comes out of the TV and scolds Michael for not listening to his inaugural address where he promises to stand by any country seeking liberty. 

There are also many funny scenes that involve the terrorists, who are plotting to blow up Michael Malone's anti 4th of July rally. (If you can call terrorists funny.) 

The same terrorist who said suicide bombers were getting harder to find because all the good ones were gone also said something about illegal immigrants: We need the Mexicans to do the jobs the Tali ban won't! (The audience roared at that one.)

The terrorists were searching for a movie director who hated America. Searching for a director who hates America? This won't be hard, all American directors hate America. Hollywood is full of them!

(Well, there is David Zucker, Stranger in a strange land: A conservative in Hollywood.)

Christians were to blame for all the world's ills too in some spoof bits, showing how Christians are the only group in a tolerant society that liberals won't tolerate. (How true.) 

There were times the movie was hokey and moved a little slowly, but overall, the message was very good. Zucker even got in a dig at the snobbish, anti-American stance of college educators. How they are really still stuck in the anti-American, anti-war era of 1968. (This is really true. Most teachers on college campuses, especially in the subjects of sociology and history are spewing anti-American garbage ala Professor Bill Ayers (terrorist) at University of Chicago...but that is another blog.)

There were other times when the movie was very touching and made you appreciate the sacrifice others have made for our country to give us the gift of Democracy and freedom.

The PG-13 rating was well earned. While there were no granddaddies of swear words, if you catch my drift, there were the usual crude substitutions for manure and calling people another word for donkey. There also was a situation that would imply gay sex in a men's room, but it wasn't. Some children wouldn't get the implication. Another caution was there was some violence that was treated as humorous. Overall, most teens are exposed to this type of thing in movies all the time if you allow them to see PG-13 fare.

Since the overall message is good and gives an appreciation of history, I would still recommend the movie for teens. BUT, if you are in doubt, I would advise that you see it yourself first before allowing your teen to see it.

An American Carol came in 9th in box office terms, taking in $3.7 million. Best of all, it beat out Bill Maher's anti Christian movie!  


So, how did a liberal Democrat become a conservative? The Weekly Standard's Hollywood Takes on the Left walks you through Director David Zucker's political journey. 


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