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ACORN's Las Vegas office raided. Reason? Voter fraud complaints

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That's right.  ACORN Vegas Office Raided in Voter Fraud Investigation this morning: (My emphasis)

Bob Walsh, spokesman for the Nevada secretary of state's office, told the raid was prompted by ongoing complaints about "erroneous" registration information being submitted by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, also called ACORN. 

The group was submitting the information through a voter sign-up drive known as Project Vote. 

"Some of them used nonexistent names, some of them used false addresses and some of them were duplicates of previously filed applications," Walsh said, describing the complaints, which largely came from the registrar in Clark County, Nev. 

Sound familiar? How about this? 

Secretary of State Ross Miller [a Democrat] said the fraudulent registrations included forms for the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys football team.


But it's not the first time ACORN's been under investigation for registration irregularities. The raid is the latest of at least nine investigations into possible fraudulent voter registration forms submitted by ACORN -- the probes have involved ACORN workers in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Indiana and other states. 

In 2006, ACORN also committed what Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed called the "worse case of election fraud" in the state's history. 

In the case, ACORN submitted just over 1,800 new voter registration forms, and all but six of the 1,800 names were fake.

Can you imagine? A whopping 1,774 names were phony out of 1,800 in that 2006 case? 

How many Ohio registrations are fake? How about Wisconsin?

Until we get a nationwide voter ID law, we will never know.


Question of the night: Will John McCain bring up the other branch of the ACORN family and Barack Obama's involvement in it tonight at the debate? Or how about Obama's working relationship with Bill Ayers, the self admitted bomber of the US Capitol, police headquarters and Pentagon?

Obama, "I've chaired major philanthropic efforts in the city, like the Chicago Annenberg Challenge that gave $50 million to prop school reform efforts throughout the city."

The Chicago Annenberg Challenge, or CAC, was founded in part by Ayers, who was also co-chairman of the Chicago School Reform Collaborative, one of the two operational arms of the CAC. Obama served as CAC chairman.

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