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McCain & Palin up close at Waukesha Town Hall + pictures

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Well, I got up bright and early on Thursday and was out in Waukesha by about 8:20 for the McCain & Palin Town Hall meeting. The morning was sunny and the crowd excited. (I should have been there earlier.)



About 55 protesters for Obama were standing nearby. We exchanged chants. They yelled, 4 more years, Stop the war, Obama, etc. We retorted chants of, ACORN, Get a job, Pay your mortgage, John McCain, Palin, Stop Voter Fraud.

About 90 minutes later we were going through security. At first it looked like we were going to be stuck behind the press bleachers again, but after a bit, they allowed us in the bleacher section behind McCain and Palin.

There were the usual warm up "acts." Congressman Paul Ryan was the M.C. The crowd loved him. He asked, Who is ready to lead this land? Who do you trust to lead? Who has been tested? America doesn't need a show horse, America needs a work horse! 



Scott Walker was next. He joked, I like Sarah because finally I can go hunting with the Vice President! He then talked about Wisconsin's tax burden...We have one of the latest tax freedom days in our nation, April 24th instead of April 15th.

A Native American was next, Jennifer Youngblood. She works in Alaska and told us how 80 Alaskan residents began work on the natural gas pipeline this summer. Jennifer believes Native Americans could turn this vote since Arizona has so much tribal land and Illinois does not. [Sarah Palin is married to a Native American.]

Former Governor Tommy Thompson was fired up. I can't understand why the press is so afraid to pull back the covers on Barack Obama. He talked about Obama's record of voting "Present" and how you can't do that on a nuclear Iran or drilling. Tommy wrapped it up with, Democrats told Freddie to give out the money [even if the applicant couldn't pay it back]... You are just as guilty driving the getaway car as robbing the bank!


After a prayer, pledge of allegiance, and national anthem, finally McCain and Palin arrived.

We were sitting a few rows up in back of them. It is true the camera adds 10 pounds; Sarah is very trim! She commented later how she enjoyed running along our lake front this morning. John McCain looks much younger and trimmer in person too.

The usual opening remarks were made. Big cheers went up for McCain's spending freeze.

I think 12 questions were taken in all. The best of the bunch were Questions 6, "I'm mad" and 9 from J T Harris, "I've taken a ...whipping." 7 was pretty good too, about Obama's associations. I am listing 6 and 9 first, then the remaining ones after. Subjects will be in bold so you can look for the ones that interest you.

The 6th question was a biggie. "Thanks for coming. I'm mad! I'm really mad! (YouTube link) And what's gonna surprise you is it's not the economy--it's the socialists taking over our country!" (This one brought down the house--standing ovation.) When you have Obama, Pelosi, and the rest of the Hooligans represent our country... It's time you represent us. GO GET 'EM!!!" More applause and chant, USA, USA, USA!!!

McCain quipped back, I think I got the message. The gentleman is right. Democrats have been in control. Have you noticed any improvement? About ACORN. There are serious allegations about voting. They should be investigated immediately before Nov. 4th, so Americans won't be denied their precious right to vote.

Question 9 brought down the house! J. T. Harris, an African American, the man to Palin and McCain's right, stood up and said,

"God bless you Governor Palin, you are a barracuda, we need that...God bless you Senator for your service to your country, for your leadership. At the convention, you asked us to fight for you...I have to tell you, I doubt there is anyone in this room who has taken the [backside]whipping I have taken for supporting you and your policy!" BIG, BIG, BIG STANDING OVATION.

"Sir, I believe in the next debate, it is absolutely vital that you take it to Obama, that you hit him where it hits as a softball, Sir ACORN is out there, we have the good Rev Wright, Flagler , we have all these shady characters that have surrounded him. We have corruption in Wisconsin and across the nation. I am begging you sir, to take it to him [Obama in the next debate.]"  (Photo was taken after his statement.)

McCain, "Thank you for your courage... I believe your reward will be in heaven not here on earth... Yes, I will do that." But I want to address the greatest financial challenge of our lifetime with a positive plan of action... we will do both.

The other questions in order: 

First question was on health insurance: She wanted to be able to pool with other company's groups. McCain agreed. You should be able to go anywhere for your insurance--why be restricted?

Question 2 from a Realtor--Freddie/Fannie. Will you take immediate actions to investigate, prosecute and name names [on Freddie Fannie scandal]?  McCain said, I will. BIG CHEER

3rd question was on abortion. The moderator clearly did not bring the subject up. With 3rd debate, will you find a way to bring it up? I think McCain agreed and said life begins at conception. Some of the greatest words ever written, "...that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty..." He then added, We need to change the culture in America and show compassion and courage to support young women in this situation and improve adoption.

4th question--oil and exportation of Alaskan oil to China. Sarah Palin answered, We need to drill more. No, it is not a huge proportion that is exported.  

Question 5 was on Hate Crimes legislature trying to stop free speech. McCain answered,  I don't think I can divine the intent of a crime...we just need to prosecute [the actions].

7th question asked, How is it Obama got where he is? We are all a product of our associations. Is there any way to get around this media? [who won't look into Obama and Ayers, Wright, ACORN, etc.] McCain answered, We need to know the full extend of the relationships. Then he brought up character, how Obama said he would take the public money if I did and said that he negotiated with me about it. He did not. [Obama opted to be privately funded.]

Q. 8 was just about the cost of gas.  Palin talked about drilling and "all of the above"

Q. 10 was about special needs children.

Question 11 was about one of Obama's "tiny" countries: Venezuela. What would you do if Chavez shows aggression to other S. American countries? McCain replied that Hugo Chavez is a great reason for energy independence! Strengthening relations with the President of Columbia was part of his solution.

Question 12 was from a Vet. He took issue with Obama's statement of our troops in Afghanistan [bombing villages etc.] He introduced his adopted son, a former Iraqi citizen, now an American. I appreciate your support of war Vets, but when I talk to soldiers, what we want more than anything is to win the war against terrorism. Lots of applause for him and his son.

That was it for the questions. Handshakes and autographs followed for quite some time. I was glad I went.

Once outside, we still were not allowed to leave until the Straight Talk Express bus with McCain and Palin in it left. The crowd was pumped but very discouraged about the prospect of voter fraud.

I have attempted to give you a flavor of the meeting. If you want to hear the exact question and answer, check the Video feed of Town Hall & Audio of Town Hall Thanks, Cindy, at Fairly Conservative

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