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It stinks. Why can't we ask?

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Today's Washington Times piece, PRUDEN: Smells from the shadows sums up much of what's fishy about this election: the voter fraud, the biased media, and of course, Sen. Barack Obama's questionable associations. (My emphasis)

Something odd is going on. The Obama campaign boasts of a landslide in the making even as his polling lead slips a point or two, and there's anger bordering on rage when John McCain and Sarah Palin raise questions about Barack Obama's judgment in his unexplored past in Chicago.

An investigation of ACORN, a cabal of "political activists" hired to register voters in the neighborhoods where few friends of John McCain abide has now spread to 10 states. ... The rules for this game were written in Chicago.

Wesley Pruden brings up an important point that often is overlooked: judgment. Whatever explanation Obama gives to explain away his many controversial associations, Rev. Wright, Rev. Flagler, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, and even his work with ACORN, still doesn't address Obama's lack of judgment. How could he have not known these associations were toxic to a political career?

The unanswered questions are not about crimes, but about his judgment.

Obama has used that That isn't the so-in-so I knew several times to whitewash his relationships. Yet, good judgment is a necessary quality in a President. A president must be able to size up individuals and make accurate assessments of their character, be they prospective cabinet members or leaders of countries such as Iran, Venezuela or North Korea!

But we do know that he has a history of choosing odd friends, such as Tony Rezko, whose sentencing for racketeering was postponed this week, suggesting that Tony the Squeezer is squealing to the feds in pursuit of a lighter sentence. Maybe the squealing will tell us something else about the Obama past. Or maybe not. The senator's reticence encourages speculation, some of it perhaps unfair.

But why did it take him 20 years to discover that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his beloved pastor in Chicago, is a racist bigot who doesn't like white folks very much and who prayed for God to "damn America."

Why indeed. Political candidates lives are supposed to be an open book. The media used to investigate everything. So "Why the ferocious attempts to stifle these perfectly legitimate questions?"

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