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A Hooters in Brookfield? So much for image

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Adios Pedro's. Hola Hooters. UGH

We learned last week that Hooters restaurant won the auction for the bankrupt Pedro's restaurant. So much for Brookfield's image. 

A Brookfield Hooters makes an Aldis* look good, doesn't it? 

And what concerns the City of Brookfield with the prospect of Hooters? What goes on inside the building? No, the design and the color.

The city that pushed to have McDonald's abandon its Golden Arches and a grocer to paint over an objectionable shade of orange may have new challenges with an unexpected national restaurant chain coming to Brookfield: Hooters.


He [Hooter's VP] said the chain would work with Brookfield to meet the city's architectural requirements as it renovates the building's exterior.

Dan Ertl, city development director, said he expected that, like McDonald's and other national chain restaurants that have sought to operate in Brookfield, Hooters "will most likely have to adjust their corporate architectural design to meet the standards of Brookfield, if not the landlord."

The chain's trademark bright orange might draw complaints from city plan commissioners who insisted that Fresh Market, an upscale grocer near Brookfield Square mall, repaint an orange trim to a more yellow color.

Alderman Jerry Melone did express some concerns over the Hooters franchise; other aldermen might have objected too. But the bottom line is, I don't think there is much the city can do to deter them from locating here. I can't picture them denying a  liquor license.

Let's face it, many other Brookfield businesses might go on the auction block in this troubled economy. What other unsavory businesses might be the winning bidder that the City of Brookfield would never have given the time of day before?

My family frequented The Bombay Bicycle Club and then Pedro's for lunch after church. Needless to say, Hooter's will not inherit our past patronage of that location. How about you?

"What do you think of Hooters coming to Brookfield? Share your views in an interactive forum at"

With so many other more tasteful choices on Bluemound, it will be interesting to see if Hooters makes a go of it. Looking through the comments, people are split on whether the food is good or not. Time will tell. 


*The controversial Aldi's was in the Town of Brookfield, not the City. 

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