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Jay's Teflon Obama

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Teflon Obama


While prepping for my show this morning, I started to make a list of the types of things that would have knocked any other candidate for office out of the running. I included associations of Barrack Obama’s, as well as gaffes and mistakes he’s made.   


I had to stop after 25 minutes because I just had to move on to prepping the rest of the show, but I could have continued on much longer.  Folks, it’s amazing how many passes Obama has received.  I know it’s an overused charge by talk show hosts, but  any other candidate really would have been disqualified immediately, or mocked until their candidacy was a joke, if they had even a single one of these associations or mistakes.


I didn’t want this post to be gargantuan, so I give just the essentials. But these are all easily researched.



Bill Ayers. What other politician wouldn’t even have to answer questions about his long and close association with a known and unrepentant terrorist?    


Related to Ayers: This week’s revelation that Obama was a member of the radical ‘New Party’ in the 90s. This is a political party formed by socialists to push the country closer to socialism.  Obama was a member and got their endorsement when he ran for the Illinois State Senate.

Jeremiah Wright
. Imagine if John McCain were a member of a mainstream church that was in the least bit controversial. Imagine if he had just gone a few times to see Jerry Falwell preach.  But Obama sits in a radical Afro-centric church for twenty years…week in and week out...and listens to all sorts of racist, vile, anti-American, anti-whitey, anti-Jew  crap, and maintains a very close personal association with this pastor. He gives one hollow speech, kicks Wright under the bus,and so much for that.  No questions can ever be asked…again…

Father Michael Flager
: some white priest trying to ingratiate himself to the black community. A modern day reverse step-and-fetch it who spreads the same type of nonsense Wright does.

Obama’s not a Muslim. ….but
he does have a number of Muslim associations that haven’t been investigated, including being friendly with Louis Farrakhan, who is another anti-America, anti-white, anti-Jew racist.

Tony Rezko
…we all know his story.

Obama’s also got a fat poker buddy
who is a county exec in Illinois who’s under federal investigation.    

Obama’s  close ties to Acorn,
and the revelation this week that his campaign paid acorn 800-thousand dollars to register voters and then hid that expense on their election reports.   

Obama’s got close ties to Fannie Mae, including Franklin Raines
, who skimmed millions from Fannie while running it into the ground, and now advises Obama on ‘housing matters.’

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