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Parents, what is your child learning at school?

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We value education in the United States. Parents often make sacrifices to send their children to good colleges. But do you know who is teaching your child? Do do you know what your young adult is learning at their school?

More and more information is coming out about William Ayers, the self proclaimed terrorist, member of the Weather Underground that bombed the Capitol, Pentagon, and police headquarters, and professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago. A terrorist, whose only regret about the bombings was "we didn't do enough," a college professor?

William Ayers has been in the news because of his connection to Barack Obama. I recently learned that Ayers hired Barack Obama to help distribute $50 million to Chicago schools, not to promote test scores or math, but to promote radicalism. 

In Ayers own words, he glorifies rebellion, "What is that spirit that we want to connect to? That spirit of rebellion, that spark of resistance, that spirit of insurgency." (Thanks Fairly Conservative) Don't you wonder what Ayers teaches in his classes?

Depending on the school, major, and class, some students are subjected to non-stop radical ideas and a strong liberal bias. UW-Madison is often referenced as the Communist Mecca of the Midwest or some variation on that theme. (Teachers stuck in the rebelious 70s was even spoofed in An American Carol.)

Often the bias isn't just in the classroom. Republicans at UWM found school policies to be different for them than for the Democrats when it came to voter recruitment. The Union told Republicans they couldn't even hang a poster! (I believe that has been remedied.) Last fall UWM tried to keep the Conservative Union group from bringing in former PLO member from speaking on "Why I Left Jihad."

I have heard students call up conservative talk radio programs such as Sean Hannity asking, what can they do about radical leftist teachers. If the student expresses his true conservative beliefs in an essay or on a test, they are penalized in their grades. Usually Hannity advises them to play along. It is still frustrating for the student.

But what about the student who doesn't even realize he is being proselytized?  

Talk to your college students about their classes--especially if they are taking classes such as sociology, philosophy, or history. You might be shocked at what their teachers are telling them. 


P.S. Radical agendas go on in elementary and secondary schools too. A Milwaukee school was reported to have Obama and donkey kicking McCain in the head posters in the halls. A Racine school is using Barack Obama's book in a class. Just this week School Field Trip to Teacher's Lesbian Wedding Sparks Controversy, but I'll save these for another day.  

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