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Stay in our hotels, aborting young mothers do

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Family Research Council brought this very disturbing news to my attention: Choice Hotels' Quality Inn in Maple Shade, New Jersey and the Clarion Hotel in Cherry Hill, New Jersey are offering a room discount up to $50 to women who are in the process of having an abortion. From Family Research Council:  

According to volunteers from the area's [New Jersey's] "40 Days for Life" campaign, many of the patients leaving the Cherry Hill clinic are "alone, crying, and in extreme pain." After their digoxin injections, these mothers are sent home or to area hotels to wait for their babies to die. The next day, they return to the clinic to deliver their dead children.

Do these area inns really want to facilitate the killing process? And, from a legal standpoint, are they prepared to incur the liability if any medical complications arise? Unfortunately, the reason these women need a place to stay is because the clinics don't care enough about their health to monitor them overnight, despite the medical risks. That should be a clear signal to these hotels that local abortionists are harming women.

Choice Hotels International is the parent organization for both Quality Inns and Clarion Hotels. My family uses the hotel chain as overnight stops when traveling. The individual hotels are owned and run by different owners, but each hotel is still part of the Choice Hotels corporation. I did email corporate headquarters with my concerns over this practice and I will probably call them as well.  

I have no plans to visit New Jersey, but the description of what is going on in these two hotels is disquieting. It is usually best not to know too much about what goes on in a hotel room. My husband and I once surprised the manager and gift store clerk when checking into our room in Kentucky. Nope, didn't want that room. But that experience pales in comparison to a girl waiting for her baby to die in a hotel room.

I'm thinking that if enough people contact Choice Hotel headquarters, the 2 New Jersey franchises may change their discount policy. After all, public pressure made McDonald's reconsider their pro-gay support.

Family Research Council hopes the same:

Join us in urging the Choice chain to choose life. Call the company toll-free at 800-300-8800 or log on to In the upper right corner, you'll see a tab for "customer support." Click through to voice your concerns. Rather than play a disturbing role in promoting abortion, encourage this company to start stocking pamphlets from nearby pregnancy resource centers.

Contact Choice Hotels Customer Support

LifeNews: New Jersey Quality Inn, Clarion Hotels Give Women Discounts for Abortions

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