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That was quick. Choice Hotels responds to public pressure

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People, you have a voice. Use it!

When you speak up in volumes to corporations or to Congress, it usually has a positive affect. McDonald's recently reversed its support for gay and lesbian political and social issues. Sen. McCain is talking about drilling domestically because Americans demanded it.

Just a week ago, I told you about 2 Choice Hotels in New Jersey that offered a $50 discount to women who were in the process of having an abortion in Stay in our hotels, aborting young mothers do.  

I urged you to contact the hotel chain. I did. Evidently many people called and emailed, because yesterday I received a reply: (My emphasis)

Dear Kyle Prast:

Thank you for contacting us regarding your concerns about two hotels that are a part of the Choice Hotels franchise system.  We appreciate your input on this matter.  We have received several similar inquires. These two hotels, like all of our more than 4,600 franchised properties in the United States, are independently owned and operated. 
...While Choice as a franchisor develops national marketing programs, rates and promotion programs such as these are set locally.

As a result of inquiries like yours, The Clarion Hotel & Conference Center, upon reflection, has ended this practice of offering special rates to patients of the Cherry Hill Women's Center.

In addition, we have been advised by the Quality Inn in Maple Shade that any assertions of a similar discount at that hotel are false.

Thank you again for alerting us to this important issue. We hope you can now feel more comfortable about staying at our hotels.


Mark Weiner
Vice President, Customer Care and Reservations, Choice Hotels International, Inc.

I emailed back a thank you. I don't know why the Quality Inn in Maple Shade, NJ was included in Family Research Council's alert, but they say they are not involved in the practice. Certainly the outpouring of negative public comment should keep other hotels in the area from offering similar discounts.

Money talks. Most businesses know they cannot afford to offend large groups of potential customers--especially in a depressed economy. Now if we could just get our government to be as responsive. It takes a lot of hammering by the public to make even the tiniest dent.


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