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Clinton says Obama asked, tell me what's right--I'll...sell it

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Remember when John McCain suspended his campaign and went to Washington to work on the economic crisis?

Obama just said, if you need me, call me. 

Turns out, Obama was making a few calls during that time--at least according to former president Bill Clinton.

In a Fox News piece yesterday, Bill Clinton: Obama Got Lots of Help on Economic Crisis Response, Bill Clinton says at a rally that Barack Obama called a round of advisers during the height of the economic crisis and said, "tell me do." In it, Clinton tells a few tales out of school on Barack Obama: (My emphasis)

"I haven't cleared this with him and he may even be mad at me for saying this so close to the election, but I know what else he said to his economic advisers (during the crisis)," Clinton told the crowd at a Wednesday night rally with Obama in Florida. "He said, 'Tell me what the right thing to do is. What's the right thing for America? Don't tell me what's popular. You tell me what's right -- I'll figure out how to sell it.'" 

Clinton said when the crisis broke, Obama called his own advisers as well as those of the former two-term president, Hillary Clinton, Warren Buffet and others.

Clinton's comments might give some insight into why Obama didn't want to go to Washington--he didn't know what to do. Who does? We still don't know what the right thing to do was.

The disturbing part of Clinton's insights is the idea that Obama doesn't know what the right thing to do is, but if he is told, he believes he can "sell it."

And I think selling it is what Obama has been doing this entire campaign. He is packaging up his socialist ideas of spreading the wealth around and selling them as something that will help the middle class.

Obama is a master salesman. Some people are buying the idea that 95% of workers can get a tax break. They are buying the idea that Obama can take his scalpel and cut from our existing budget enough extra money to fund his billions of dollars worth of promises. Never mind there isn't enough surplus to fund even part of his wish list. 

Like most sales pitches, once the contract is signed, there is no opportunity for buyer's remorse. You get the chance to buy in or pass on November 4th. Let's hope most aren't buying.

H/T  Fairly Conservative

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