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Teflon, Velcro, and Teflon II of presidential politics

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President Bill Clinton was known as the Teflon president. No accusations or even cold, hard facts stuck. Monica Lewinsky was not a fabrication of a vast right-wing conspiracy as Hillary claimed. No, Monica was real. She was an intern with whom the President committed unprecedented indiscretions with right in the Oval Office. But it did not stick. He was Teflon.

President Bush on the other hand, according to the left, is responsible for all the ills of the world. No matter that he has kept us safe for 7 years, he is the fall guy for every ill there is: Hurricane Katrina, the housing crisis, global get the idea. He isn't responsible for it, but he is Velcro--everything sticks.

Senator Barack Obama, however, takes Teflon to a new level. He is Teflon II. Nothing, and I mean nothing sticks to him. Democrats and the media have given him a free pass. Not his questionable associations with Communists, Socialists, and Terrorists, not his many ties to anti-Semites, and not his blatantly socialistic plans for the economy. Jay Weber made a list of all the things that don't stick to Obama. He called him Teflon Obama.   

A video from USA Wake up sums up how we got to this turning point in history. They call it, The Rise of the United Socialist States*. It not only illustrates the progression in creating a very liberal, radical congress that set the stage for an economic downturn, but it also lists Barack Obama's radical associates and friends. His many socialist tax plans are included too.

It's a good summation of the mess we are in. I do believe Obama is the candidate of CHANGE, and I believe he will change the US, possibly forever. The peasants during the Russian Revolution wanted change too. Unfortunately they got it.

Watch the video, send it to your friends. Clearly, Obama is made of Teflon II !


*I watched it a few times. The only stretches I saw were a statement that Obama lied when he "insists that he has never prayed in a mosque and was never a Muslim." Obama did attend a Muslim school in Indonesia for 4 years as a child. Muslims pray several times a day. I can't imagine they let him exercise freedom of religion there! (I've even seen them do it at Fun World in Brookfield in the middle of a children's birthday party.)  It also asks if he was born in Hawaii or Kenya. This one is a stretch too, but since he is so secretive about all of his background information, why was his birth certificate sealed?

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